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Chillin and Relaxin.

on October 26, 2012

So it’s cold.  Yesterday’s high was like 85!  Now??  It’s barely out of the 40’s!  When I got up this morning to go for my run I decided that I would do it outside.  My thighs are still trying to warm up!


3 Mile run:


Mile One:    9.00

Mile Two:    8.56

Mile Three:    8.48


Total time:    26.52

Average Pace:    8.54


Does running outside make you run faster??  My pace seemed a bit faster running on the ground as opposed to running on the treadmill.


I am really enjoying my time here and here are some shots from last night..


I guess I get my coffee passion from my dad… 🙂



On my run this morning, I found this road and I wanted to see where it led to, so……I followed it.  🙂




I also met this really cute couple that said they had been to the same place 22 years ago and had taken a picture there.  The Page’s.  They were really nice and so kindly let me take their picture.  She said she could scoot down the hill now, but wouldn’t make it all the way to the bottom.  😉



We have spent the day driving around looking at the colors and just hangin out…  I will post some pictures later!  See you guys!!  Have a super day!


9 responses to “Chillin and Relaxin.

  1. I think running outside makes me both faster and able to go longer. have a good friday!

  2. What a neat place to find on a run! Glad that you hare having so much fun. We are supposed to be getting snow this weekend. YUCK. My 5K race tomorrow might be cold!

  3. YAY for outside running…glad u had fun there and talk about some GORGEOUS surroundings! keep having a wonderful trip girl!

  4. Laura says:

    I’m way faster outside, but the total distance I can do is the same! Glad you are having a good time!

  5. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    What beautiful pictures! It looks like a lovely spot to run – and yay to following paths to see where they go 🙂 I find I run a bit faster outside, although it does vary. Being cold might add speed too!

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