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Brain Fry

on November 5, 2012

Wow.  Today was a complete blur.  I think from the moment that I walked into work this morning we stayed busy.  As soon as I would finish with one thing, someone else needed something or something else needed to be done.   My brain is fried.  I came home and just wanted to cry.  Instead, I cleaned the kitchen.  I couldn’t even get five minutes to just take a breath!





I have some other pictures to add, but for some reason my computer wants to upload ALL of my photos on my SD card.  This would be the cherry on the top of the day that I have had.  🙂



1 cup of blueberry shredded wheat and one cup of 2% milk




When it came time to eat lunch I wasn’t feeling all that well.  I felt sort of chilled so I decided to go with some soup, yogurt and half an apple.

This is one of the pictures that I am not able to upload.




same as above







Running Schedule:

Monday:    Rest

Tuesday:    2 miles/stretching/2 rounds of core session

Wednesday:    4 mile speed drill

Thursday:    4 miles

Friday:    2 rounds of the core session/stretching

Saturday:    3 mile speed drill

Sunday:    7 miles


I was really excited to get this schedule!  🙂  My mileage didn’t increase, but Cait sent me two speed drills!!  Is it odd if I like speed drills???   Lol!  They really push me and actually makes me feel strong!

I have taken full advantage of my rest day today.  🙂


I am pretty beat so I am going to call it a night.  I hope your Monday has been a great one!


**Please don’t forget to vote tomorrow**


5 responses to “Brain Fry

  1. Laura says:

    Speed days are my favorite too – great for variety and fun! Sorry your day has been hard – keep your head up. A good run tomorrow will make it better!

  2. i hate those days, where you just feel so overtired and fried as you said. always a new day

  3. Speed drills are what makes you FAST!

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