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psyching myself out

on November 13, 2012

Hello!  So how horrible would it be if I told you that I haven’t been out of my lounge pants very much the last couple of days??  My niece had her Veterans Day concert tonight, or I would have stayed in them. 

The only other time that I got out of them was to get into my running gear.  Smile 



2 Mile Run:


Mile One:    9.00

Mile Two:    8.37



Total time:    17:40

Average Pace:    8.48



Can I tell you something about this run?  I was really nervous.  I mean almost to the point of having a queasy stomach.  My last run, which was my long run Sunday, was pretty tough both physically and mentally.  So much so, that running these two miles seemed hard to me.  My legs even felt kind of weak as I stepped up onto the treadmill.   Even as I type this out, I still feel psyched out about it.  I wonder if that is why all I have wanted to do is lay around these last couple of days??   I need to snap out of it because I have a speed drill tomorrow! 


I am meeting some girlfriends early tomorrow for a Starbucks and movie date.  Smile  







007  008





My brother and his little munchkins.  Smile 



Right now I am enjoying a nice cup of tea..




Question:   What are some of your favorite teas??   And….  How do you get over feeling a little psyched out about a run??

You guys have a great night!


10 responses to “psyching myself out

  1. katemovingforward says:

    You niece and nephew are so cute!! And I really enjoy chia tea and an occasional fruity flavor like peach or raspberry.

  2. few things! 1) umm, i’ve gone more than just a few days rotating between running clothes and sweats…i’m sure my PR of days would make u feel like a fashionista. 😉

    2) so cute, looks like u guys all had so much fun!!

    3) STOP IT!! and that is in reference to thinking about ur sunday long run…didn’t i make u promise to NOT come back to that and psyche urself out?? 😉 the run is over, stop looking in the rearview mirror. if u DO look back, why not look back at the awes-tastic last speed session u had?? preeetty sure u’ve been rocking them all. u can’t let one bad run weasel its way into ur thoughts. so right now, take a HUGE exhale, push out that run from ur mind, and inhale looking forward to ur next run. annnnd, u kno u can always email/text me. 🙂

    • It’s so amazing how just one bad run can affect you so much mentally! I feel much better about it after my speed drill today, but man it was really hard to hop back on there! Thank you so much Cait for being such a great coach that encourages me so much!

  3. I love Celestial Seasonings but you guys have so many more flavors than we do! Gingerbread spice is definitely not in our shops, sadly!

    Well done on getting through your run, too – I definitely relate to that challenge of getting back up when you’ve had a tough time with your last run.

  4. Those kiddos are adorable! What movie did you see?! I love movies 🙂

    Also, I am so impressed by your run splits these days, you’re doing fabulously!

  5. I think I get that way sometimes too, like so nervous I make myself sick from it.

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