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Two Day work Week!

on November 16, 2012

Morning!   It’s Friday!!!   This has probably been the shortest week for me.  Ever.  Two day work week!   When I made it back to work yesterday, I really expected to just jump right back into some sort of a routine.  This did not happen.  Do you ever feel like you are not part of the group when you come back to the work place after being gone for a bit??  It felt weird.  This immediately made me feel tense.  Tense=going inward.  Not good.



When I got home from my lovely day at work, I got on the treadmill to get my run in. 



4 mile Run:


Mile One:    9.02

Mile Two:    8.55

Mile Three:    8.40

Mile Four:    8.48


Total Time:    35:27

Average Pace:    8.51


I wanted to share with you the songs that got me through this run:


  1. Heaven     by DJ Sammy
  2. Good Morning     by Mandisa
  3. We Found Love     by Rihanna
  4. Both of Us     by B.o.B.
  5. Remember the Name      by The Rising Tide/Fort Minor
  6. Feel Again     by OneRepublic
  7. Where have you been     by Rihanna
  8. Let Me Love You     by Neyo  (I love this song!)


I have a couple more songs that I want to get on my playlist, but haven’t done it yet.  Smile 



How did I feel on this run?  I felt alright.  I had this really weird thing from my left hip to my knee and toward the end of the run it didn’t feel all that great.   Every once in a great while my joints will bother me.  Like all over. 

I took an anti-inflammatory and then called it a night……..after I had dinner of course.  Smile


Let me tell ya, I couldn’t keep my eyes open last night!  I kept dozing off and dozing off, so I just turned everything off and said goodnight! 




I am about to go get my second cup of coffee and make some breakfast.  I hope you guys have a great day!





What are some of your favorite running songs??


4 responses to “Two Day work Week!

  1. I could really go for a two day work week! That sounds fantastic 🙂

  2. I need my second cup of coffee too! Next week I have a two day work week and I am thrilled!!!!

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