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Be Yourself.

on November 19, 2012

Hello and Good morning!   Ugh, lets just say that sounding like Dorothy from the Golden Girls isn’t my favorite thing.  Smile   It’s mostly when I cough thank goodness.  It’s either Dorothy or a bear call. 

I am so glad that today is a rest day.  Praise the Lord.  Because rest is what I am going to do!  I do have to work, but it should be fine.  Nothing like infecting those around you.  My boss has her half day today, so I really need to go in.






I really wanted eggs this morning, so eggs it is. 



I really wanted to talk about some things that have been bothering me lately.  I read a post on one of the blogs that I follow and it really got me thinking.  I am going to express my own thoughts on this, so as to not upset anyone I will not put up a link to the post.

I really do love to blog.  I love sharing my life and thoughts with others.  (I tend to be an open book for the most part).  I follow several different blogs for various different reasons, but mostly because they are ran by some super cool chics. 

But, they are individuals.  They are all different and unique, just as I am.  When it comes to fitness and food, each person reacts differently, and that is ok.  So many times I compare myself with the other blogger and want to do it just as they are doing it, but I know this can’t happen.  Honestly, I could go broke trying to keep up. 

But I could also feel very bad about myself for not being able to keep up.  I guess what I am saying is that it’s ok to be you.  To be unique.  Please be careful when you follow someone’s eating habits and fitness cycles.  Your body needs the right amount of food and calories to function.  Please don’t starve yourself because you want to look like someone else.  Most importantly, you have to love yourself.  Be ok with yourself.  When it comes to health and fitness, it’s all about you.  No one else. 

Know this, there are some great blogs out there to follow that really have it down. 

Just my two cents.








Rest Day!!    But I will do a yoga session.  Smile 




Do you ever go over something??  I mean, over something.    Like in a case of bored with it??

Here are a couple of things that I am over:


  1. Justin Beiber.  Really Justin, no one cares who you date, or that you thank the “haters” for your award.
  2. Sophia Grace and her friend Rosie.  I am probably alone in this, but lets move on.  They are cute and adorable, but listening to explicit songs isn’t a child thing to do.
  3. Gangnum style.  Why is this popular again??
  4. Political bashers.  The election is over, now do your part.


Whew!  I feel so much better!! 

Again, just my two cents.  No one else’s. 




I am off to get ready for work with cough drops and Tylenol on hand.  Smile


Have a great day and I will talk to ya later!


5 responses to “Be Yourself.

  1. couldn’t agree more, I tend to get caught in the comparison trap. for me, I have to reflect and see what I can do to better me not be like someone else

  2. You’re 100% right – just like faith, fitness is a really personal journey. Comparing yourself (physically) to others is never a good idea (or a fair marker of your fitness level! sometimes the skinniest people are the most unhealthy!) – and trying to “keep up” with someone else’s specific diet plan is an even worse idea. Just like you said, everyone’s body is different and has different needs. Take in all the advice that you can, but in the end: do what’s best for YOU 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    Totally agree – health is personal, and shouldn’t have to do with anyone else! We have to figure out what works for us and not worry what anyone else thinks!

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