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Germs and more Germs.

on November 20, 2012

Hola!   And Good Morning!   Is it really just Tuesday?  I don’t know why, but it feels like it should be the middle of the week?  Like Thanksgiving already!  Just two more work days for me and then I will be off!   I don’t really get into the whole “black Friday” thing, so I will also be working that day as well.

My sister-n-law Lynn and her sister do most of their Christmas shopping on this day.  Smile   Lynn is awesome, she is mainly purchasing gifts for the angels that she and the kiddo’s have adopted.  I love that she teaches them things like that.  She is a great mom. Smile






I purchased the December 14th issue of All*You and found an interesting article about giving your home a healthy make-over.  I mean I consider myself a clean person, obsessive even, but this really opened my eyes as to the hidden germs that may be in your house.



Living Room:


  1. Vacuuming in the same pattern every time.  When you vacuum the in the same pattern you don’t pick up as much dirt and a dirty rug can be among the most allergenic surfaces in your house.  How to fix it?  Mix it up!  Get out of your vacuuming pattern!
  2. TV remote control.  I knew this one, but just didn’t even think about it!  While nursing a cold I tend to watch a lot of tv (or sleep) and end up just flipping through the channels all the while placing my germs on the remote.  Try using a disinfectant wipe to get the germs off.
  3. Scented Candles.  Ok, this one really upset me because I love a good scented candle.  Smile  But they can also mask any odor that may be hazardous such as mold or bacteria.  A great alternative would be to put a sliced orange or lemon and one tsp of cinnamon in an open pot of water and let it boil for 15 minutes.




  1. Your toothbrush.  Leaving your toothbrush out in the open in the bathroom may also leave it open for germs and bacteria to get on it.  Bacteria from toilet water and bacteria from the flu virus when people cough, sneeze, or splash their hands while washing them.  Eeek!  Place your toothbrushes in a closed area such as the medicine cabinet.  If you keep your toothbrush in a cup, be sure and clean the cup!
  2. Dirty shower head.  Bacteria thrives in warm, moist environments.  Showerheads can be full of mycobacteria, a hardy strain of mold-like germs that can cause fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath. You can clean the showerhead with a firm bristled brush and all you need is soap and water.  Avoid harsh cleaners.
  3.  Leaving the toilet lid up when you flush.  It isn’t just the polite thing to do.  Putting the lid down will also cut down on getting a nasty stomach bug such as E. coli, or even gastrointestinal parasites such as pinworms.  Every time you flush and leave the lid open, it sprays this bacteria into the air.  Make it a rule to keep the lid down when you flush!




  1. Leaving damp clothes in the hamper.  If you toss sweaty, soiled clothes into the hamper, you risk breeding lung-irritating and fatigue-inducing airborne particles.  Even after you wash your clothes and they still have a smell to them, they bacteria could still be in your clothes.  Put damp, dirty clothes directly into the wash, but if you don’t have time to do this, hang them somewhere that they could dry before throwing them into the hamper. 
  2. Keeping your bedroom windows closed.  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be as much as five times contaminated with volatile organic compounds, with higher concentrations of chemicals from cleaning products, paints, cosmetics, and fuels.  Crack your window at least once a month.
  3. Soiled shoes.  You can track in allergens by just walking into your home.  Try keeping a basket by the front door for your shoes. 





  1. The refrigerator.  Food that may not be at the coldest temperature can allow a slow growth of bacteria on the food such as listeria (deli meats) and salmonella.  Keep the refrigerator at 40 degrees F or colder. 
  2. The sink drain.  Germs from the food that gather onto the wash cloth or sponge that you use travels down the drain.  It can carry bacteria’s such as listeria.  At least once a week run bleach down your drain to keep this at bay. 


Source of info.








Oatmeal and one tsp of almond butter.



I am feeling much better this morning, but have this horrible cough.  Might have to break down and go to the doctor today, which is something that I dislike very much. 





Off to get ready for work!  Have a great day!


2 responses to “Germs and more Germs.

  1. uck i hate thinking about that because I know I tend not pay attention to those little details.

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