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Just Drop ‘Em a note.

on November 27, 2012

Happy Tuesday!    All that I can say is that it’s been an interesting day.  Smile  I got up this morning feeling great!  I was so glad too! 


I felt so great that I went for a run!



2 Mile Run:   

Mile One:    8.48

Mile Two:    8.39

Total time:    17:36

Average pace:    8.43



I really felt great during this run…..and when I was finished.  It felt good to actually get my heart rate up and to get my sweat on. 







One egg, one clementine, and one pumpkin spiced waffle with some almond butter.











Elf 4 Health Challenge:


I really loved today’s challenge!   Send a card or a handwritten note to a friend.  I picked my close friend Diahann.  She recently moved to Ohio with her husband and extended family and I miss her terribly!!  So, I picked up a card so that I could send her a note to tell her how much I appreciate her.





Afternoon snack:










I was pretty hungry when I got home and wouldn’t ya know it my mom had fixed dinner.  Okra, corn on the cob, lima beans, and minute steaks.  This totally hit the spot!



It’s been a good day, but I am ready to call it a night.  I have a candle lit, comfy clothes on, and Dancing with the Stars is about to come on.  It’s the small things that makes me smile.  Smile



Have a great night!


11 responses to “Just Drop ‘Em a note.

  1. sounds super comfy for me 🙂 and how nice of your mom to have dinner ready 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    So glad you are feeling better and that you got to run! I always think taking a break from running makes me so grateful for it when I return. I’m taking this week off to recover from the marathon and it is already killing me!

  3. elizabeth says:

    i want that waffle! my cards were to 2 different bloggers 🙂

  4. i’m SOO happy u’re starting to FINALLY feel better girl! and so great that getting those legs moving felt good. 🙂 sounds like u’ve got a great night planned out too. XOXO

  5. ah lima beans! they used to call me beany as a kid because i loved them so much. i haven’t had them in forever i need to do that!

  6. I love the idea of sending a note to a friend. I have one girlfriend who always sends me a birthday card in the mail. It makes my day. I think I should send her one ‘just cause’.
    Those waffles look fabulous! 🙂

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