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Courtney’s Toffee Chocolate Crispy Cookies

on November 28, 2012

Hello hello!   You know, I really love half days.  Yes, I do have to work on Saturday’s to get them, but I love getting off early during the week.  Smile  


Did any of you guys watch Dancing with the Stars??!!





I was so excited to see that Tony finally won a mirror ball!!  Bless his heart, he has been on every season and has never won, but when they called out his and Melissa’s name last night I was so excited for him!!  He deserves it!





So I have some exciting work news to tell you about.  Yesterday I got an e-mail from one of our regional managers asking if I would call him when I got a chance.  I had been at lunch when he sent the e-mail so I got right on it.  He asked me if I could meet with him and one of our upper management ladies (for privacy’s sake I won’t give out names) for lunch.  Ahhh, sure!!

When you get asked to one of these lunches, one of two things are going to happen……. “it’s been nice knowing you”  or  “we like you!”


It was the latter. 



Long story short, I will be going to work at another branch!  I am really excited about it too.  For a while now I have felt like I needed a change and waited patiently for this moment.  It won’t be as close as where I am now, but I am ok with that.  Also at the lunch was the manager of the branch, so it was nice to go ahead and get that meeting out of the way.  He is really nice and I look forward to working with him.  I really do think that we are going to make a good team. 


This is a positive move!






I had a speed drill today and I couldn’t wait to get on the treadmill when I got home. 



4 Mile Speed Drill:

Mile One:    9.01

Mile Two:    8.24

Mile Three:    8.46

Mile Four:    8.59

Total time:    35:14

Average Pace:    8.48



This is why I love having a running coach!  When I e-mailed/texted Cait to tell her that I was feeling better and well enough to run I told her that I was just going to do the most recent schedule that she sent to me.  She is so awesome!  She, putting me first, modified my schedule even more so that I wouldn’t just jump right back into running since I was off an entire week.  I love her! 




I also did some baking this afternoon:






I found this recipe on Courtney’s blog……  Sweet Tooth Sweet Life


Oh my word they are good!  





Elf 4 Health Challenge:


Try a new workout!  Ok, so I did my run, but I am also going to do this workout:


Turkey Day Trimmer Workout!








I hope you have a great rest of the day!!  Later peeps!


5 responses to “Courtney’s Toffee Chocolate Crispy Cookies

  1. Congrats on the new job opportunity! I wish you all the best! And those cookies look phenomenal!

  2. Laura says:

    Congrats, lady! That is so awesome and you will do amazing!

    I’m totally craving cookies now…

  3. Congratulations on the job! That is fantastic 🙂 And I have often wondered if you got to finish early during the week when you worked Saturdays, so I’m also glad that is the case!

    Your running is going so well – you have some speedy miles in there! I’m really impressed.

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