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Word Up Monday!

on December 3, 2012

Well hello there Monday!  How in the world did it go by so fast??   Well, it is the third of the month and everyone in the entire world got paid today.  Smile 


Today is coming to an end, but working at a different location has just begun.  It was really great today!  I was a little nervous going in, but once I got to work and met everyone that I will be working with, all of my worries went away.  Everyone is really nice and I can’t wait to become more apart of the team.  They all work really well together and they all do their jobs really well. 

We were already talking about exchanging names for Christmas and having a little party.  Smile



It’s 9:00 and I am watching Castle.  While staring at my Christmas tree.  With my feet up.  Ahhhh…  


Ok….am I lame?  A preview for Les Miserables just came on and it made me tear up.  Probably will have to go see it. 




Since it was going to be a busy day today, I made sure to take my vitamins this morning!





One of the adjustments that I will have to make since transferring to a different location is where to take my lunches.  I don’t particularly like eating out for my meals, but today I thought it was necessary since the day just flew by!



Subway!    Roasted chicken breast with lots of green things.  The sandwich was good, but the service was bad.  The attitude of the lady was like, “you’re a burden for me to wait on, but I will go ahead and make your sandwich anyway.”  Service people!  We can always go somewhere else!



I did have a snack earlier in the day (trying to get my fiber in!)


These things are freakin amazing!  



Remember me telling you that my good friend Diahann moved to Ohio??  Well, her husband came back to Arkansas to pick up some of the things that they didn’t have room for when they moved and he brought me a super cool gift!




Diahann called right before he came in to tell me that he was on his way and just hearing her voice made me tear up.  Geeze!  What is wrong with me????   I really miss her.  Like a lot.  A whole lot.

I think that is what has been wrong with me lately.  I miss my friend.  Sad smile 


Diahann also found some chips that she thought that I would like….. She knows me so well!






Elf 4 Health Challenge:


So today I was to track my fiber.  Not sure how well I would say that I did, but I did kind of find it difficult to get my food in.  If I had not gone to Subway for lunch, I probably would have just skipped lunch.  Not because I was trying not to eat, but because it was just that busy. 



Breakfast:  two eggs (which have zero fiber!) and one English muffin (6 grams)

snack: south beach bar  (6 grams)

lunch: subway

dinner:  lima beans and dirty rice  (10 grams)

snack:  apple  (6 grams)


28 total.  Smile    That is with not knowing how to really count the sandwich. 





Well it’s now 9:33 and I am sleepy.  Have a great night! 


7 responses to “Word Up Monday!

  1. chasingchels says:

    Yay!! Glad to hear that your first day went well 🙂 a Christmas exchange/party sounds great! I’m sorry about your friend, though…definitely brings my mood down for a while 😦

  2. I wish I got paid today! I don’t get paid until Friday- boo! :/

  3. glad work went well. i can’t wait to see that movie.

  4. Glad the day went well!! I am SOOOO excited for Les Mis!!! 🙂

  5. I’m glad your first day of new work went well 🙂 I’m sorry you’re missing your friend but do love your new mug.

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