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What a Week

on December 7, 2012

Morning!   I hope your week has been a great one and that you are ready for the weekend!   I know that I am!    Somehow my body has programmed itself to get up at 4:30 all week.  Ugh.   This means that I have been going to bed way before 10:00 (my usual time or later). 


I had some excitement yesterday morning before I went to work.  I had just gotten out of the shower and was putting my makeup on when the power went out.  What??!!   I still had to dry my hair and let’s be honest, without drying my hair it’s a hot mess. 

Looking back I feel kind of sorry for the guy, but at the time I was pretty put out.  This guy was driving a dump truck on the road that I live on and he forgot to put the bed down on his truck.  This is bad.  Very bad. 

The bed caught the electric wires right at the end of the our driveway and just yanked them all down.  Broke the pole right in half.  All in all, five poles were down, three transformers were destroyed, and three mail boxes were on the ground. 








And this wasn’t all of it!




It’s been busy at work and my meals have been WAY off.  And by that I mean nearly zero pictures.  I am also still trying to find some sort of drive, work and food routine.  I am getting to work really early and end up just setting there.  This isn’t all bad though……I just get out my book and read.  Smile


As far as food goes however, I really want and need to get on some sore of schedule.  Breakfast isn’t difficult at all, but when lunch rolls around I am not sure what to do.  There isn’t a very big refrigerator where I work now and so bringing a lot of food is out.  Any suggestions??


An example of one of my meals. 







Wednesday I had a 4 mile speed drill:

Mile One:    8.56

Mile Two:    8.14  (my fastest mile yet!)

Mile Three:    8.37

Mile Four:    9.03

Total time:    34:51

Average Pace:    8.43








Right now it’s just a cup of coffee.  Smile





With all of the excitement yesterday morning, I really did think that I was going to be late to work.  The wires were laying across our driveway and I couldn’t get my car out.  Once they were cut and cleared, I was able to get out and and at least get to my brothers house to fix my hair.  I did however leave my glasses there.  Ok, what’s next??  My glasses started out as just reading glasses, but over the last few years I actually need them to see.  As you can imagine, my eyes were screaming by the end of the day.  Oh lordy!


I kind of felt like I was chasing my tail the entire day or I felt tired.  Even as I was on my way to work, I felt anxious.  Mainly due to the excitement and fearing that I might be late for work.  I felt like I was rushing.  This got me to thinking.  We live is such a fast food society.  We want everything now and we want it fast.  Never stopping to just enjoy the things around us.  Whether it’s a nice drive into work that you could use to reflect, or just the mere fact that you can enjoy your surroundings.  Life is to amazing to want things fast! 


So, I am going to take full advantage of my Saturday off this weekend.  I am going to enjoy the time off.  Sleep in, clean my car, drink coffee, eat a cookie, read a book, go for a run… know, cool stuff like that.  Winking smile 





Elf 4 Health:


I have been a horrible elf this week!!   To be honest, I am going to have to flip over to my email to even see what today’s challenge is!  Shameful I know. 


Go make-up free today!


Unfortunately I work in the public and not wearing make-up would be a bad thing.   Oops!





I hope you guys have a great day!! 


5 responses to “What a Week

  1. Laura says:

    Sunday is usually my “relax” day; I take it easy and wake up naturally way before church so I can get ready without feeling rushed. This Sunday I’m making a family dinner though, so I needed this reminder to prep on Saturday so I still preserve my relaxing Sunday!

    So crazy about the pole! Looks way destructive.

    I love the Amy’s bowls for lunch at work – is there a freezer and a microwave?

  2. chasingchels says:

    Oh wow that’s quite a start to the day! I am incredibly impressed that you made it to work on time, and I would have been anxious all day, too! It’s always hard trying to figure out a new schedule when you change life up, but I think you’re doing a great job so hang in there and be gentle with yourself! Your Saturday looks wonderful, and I hope it gives you the break you deserve! Oh, and I nominated you for the Liebster award in my post today 🙂

  3. oh man that is the worst start! hope the day gets better

  4. Oh my goodness! What a mess! That would have thrown my whole week off for sure! Enjoy the day off tomorrow — you deserve it!

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