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Elf 4 Health Week Three Day One

on December 10, 2012

Monday Monday.  Oh how we miss you on the weekend.  Said no one ever.  How has your Monday been?  As bad a rap Monday gets, it wasn’t too bad.  We were down a couple today, but all in all it was a good day. 


So I wanted to give you an update on the Elf 4 Heath Challenge.  Last week I was pretty off on meeting the challenges.  It was my first week at the new location that I work at now and with a bit of a drive now, I kind of run out of daylight and spend most of my day at work or on the road.  It will just take some balance and preparation to get it figured out.


Week Two Challenges:


  1. Track your fiber intake today.   I think that I was able to get in 26 grams
  2. Have a salad today and make your own dressing.
  3. Pack a healthy snack and pack one for a friend.
  4. Let’s lift weights!  Try an exercise you’ve never done before.
  5. Go make-up free today.


I managed to do day one,but after that it was a hot mess.  One of my co-workers did go make-up free Friday, so I lived vicariously through her!




Elf 4 Health Challenge Week Three!!


So it’s a new week!  Do I dare dwell on last week??  No way!   So let’s get to it!


Track your water intake today!!




I am up to 80 oz!  My goal is to at least do another 20 oz. 


I also have a new Elf Buddy!  Her name is Heather and she blogs over at  What Does She Do All Day?  I am so excited to be paired up with Heather!  Go check out her blog will ya!



Day Two Challenge:


Clean out your fridge and pantry!   Get rid of anything that might be expired or bad.















I also did some reading on my lunch break today.





And then there was my actual lunch:


lentil/black bean soup and some flax seed chips.




Tomorrow is my half day at work and my mom and I are going to do a little Christmas shopping.  There might also be a stop at Starbucks in there too.  Smile 



I was also finally able to see this movie:




I really did like it a lot and found that it did have full closure.  Christian Bale has been my favorite Batman by far.  I also noticed this little cutie:



Joseph Gordon Levitt 50 50 New York Premiere QQPeJdaGnW5l





I hope you guys have a great night!!   Don’t forget to hydrate!  



Question:   How do you guys track your water intake??


9 responses to “Elf 4 Health Week Three Day One

  1. i have been pounding water today too, feels good to drink up!

  2. Laura says:

    I couldn’t do the no-makeup either! I’m just not built that way!

  3. chasingchels says:

    I loved Dark Knight Rises…especially since lots of it was filmed here in Pittsburgh! And that soup looks amazing! Recipe perhaps? As far as tracking water intake…I don’t do anything official haha…I have a big green water bottle I fill up twice a day and finish and usually four regular glasses at least…really learning to love water these days 🙂

  4. I love that Yoplait greek yogurt- my favorite flavor is dark cherry. I ended up with 132 oz of water and I still could probably drink more, but I won’t. 🙂

  5. I drink too much water I think, so I kind of don’t track 😛 I think I trained myself to drink a lot because I thought it was good, and know I’m thirsty all the time (I don’t have diabetes though, I checked 😉 ).

    I do seriously need to clear out my fridge and pantry though. It is a dangerous situation in there right now!

    • Every time that I go out, which isn’t that often, I will normally drink water myself. It’s just become such a habit that it’s the first thing that I ask for. 🙂 Lol! I don’t even want to know what can grow in my fridge without my permission!

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