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Tornado, 14.50, and The Hobbit

on December 20, 2012

Well hello there.  How are you doing on this Thursday night?  I actually just got back from seeing the movie The Hobbit with my brother and might I add it’s a great movie!!  It was nice to just hang out with my brother and talk nerd talk with someone who completely understands. 


I will say that the last couple of days have been interesting.  We had a F1 tornado come through the town that I live in last night.  Craziness!  The storm woke me up at like 1:30 and it was probably 2:30 before I went back to sleep.  The wind was horrible!  When my brother and I drove through town to get gas this morning, there were a couple of gas stations with no power. 


When I went into work Wednesday, I thought to myself…..nothing will make this day bad.  Nothing.  It’s my last day before my break, the weather is nice, I’m in a great mood.  Nothing. 

We weren’t all that busy at work, but we did pick up later on in the afternoon.  After it had turned dark, it got a bit weird.  We had a customer come through our first lane in the drive through that caused a bit of a scene.  We told him something that he didn’t want to hear and he got a little ticked off.  He became belligerent and demanded that we wait on him.  The catcher??  He didn’t even bank with us. 

He told us that he was going to come inside and demand that we still wait on him.  There was no way this dude was coming in the lobby.  He said some horrible things and made us all very uncomfortable.  Very uncomfortable.  We ended up calling the police, but he had already left the parking lot by the time they arrived. 

One of the changes where I work at now is that it’s a bigger town and close to the city.  I really didn’t even want to walk out to my car I was that shook up. 

I even went to bed early and was asleep by 9:00. 

All the man wanted to do was cash in $14.50 in pennies.  That sounds simple enough, but it turned out very wrong.



Onto something else……







This has been my go to breakfast for a few days now…..  English muffin with ham, cheese and one egg. 








My brother and I his Subway after some  heavy Christmas shopping..   Not really, but we did have to pick up a few items. 





My brother picked up a new hat that he has been wanting…  The fact that we were going to see The Hobbit, with some British folk in it made him want to talk like an Englishman.  Winking smile 





Our listening music on the way to the show…




After the movie, we stopped by my favorite place in the entire world…. 



We continued our English theme and picked up some scones.. Smile








Elf for Health Challenge:


So yesterday when I came home I was still a bit weirded out by what had happened at work…..What’s the first thing that I wanted to do??  Clean.  And bake.  It’s just something that I do when I am stressed.  Plus the challenge was to bake some cookies…..a healthy recipe if possible. 




I found this recipe on this blog:  The Lean Green Bean     Blackberry Oatmeal Bars.  I went by the recipe, but instead of blackberries (I didn’t have any) I used grape jam.  It still tasted really good! 




Today’s challenge was to make a casserole for dinner, but as you can see that didn’t happen.  Smile 


Tomorrow’s challenge is to do something nice for someone else. 



Enjoying my time off!  Hope you have a great night! 


6 responses to “Tornado, 14.50, and The Hobbit

  1. wow a tornado??? I am so glad you are safe

  2. chasingchels says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m glad you guys are ok! The thought of a tornado scares me more than any other weather system! And I’m so jealous you guys got to see the Hobbit!! I’m soooooo antsy to go see it, so I made the boy promise to take me on Christmas night after dinner….yay! All your food looks tasty 🙂 And I completely understand being freaked to walk out to your car after that…I used to work at Barnes and Noble in a shadier part of Pittsburgh, so I used to make one of the boys walk me to my car if I closed because I was always worried about something happening…I’m glad you’re ok!

  3. Laura says:

    Love that swap ( for jam)! I don’t know that I would thought of that!

    Sounds like a crazy day – glad you are okay!

  4. Kari @ bite-sized thoughts says:

    I’m sorry about the tornado 😦 I’m glad you enjoyed the Hobbit though – I think I will be seeing it come January!

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