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A little gratitude

on December 30, 2012

Morning!  How in the world is it Sunday?  I mean I have to go back to work tomorrow and I feel like I just left!  Smile    I am looking forward to News Years Day though, another day off.  I am going to be worthless trying to get back into some sort of routine. 


The last couple of days however, I have had some tummy issues.  Not sure if it’s a 24 hour bug, but let’s just say that I can’t really be far from a bathroom.  (I know, too much information!) 


I had to work yesterday, but then came home to just hang out because by then, the tummy started to grumble. 



With the new year coming up, I am sure you are going to see lots of posts, TV shows, articles and such about setting goals and resolutions.  Even articles about the previous year and what would have been done differently.  This year, I want to do things differently.  I want to be able to just live my life.  With no boundaries, limits, or crazy challenges.  I want to live and be healthy physically and emotionally and I think that just about covers it. 

The one challenge that I am going to do is be kind to myself.  I think that when we have gratitude for being alive and for having life, then that comes out in diet and thoughts.  Does that make sense?  If I am at a good place with myself; body and spirit, then I will want to eat right, exercise and my emotional state will be positive (not negative).  

So that is what I am going to be concentrating on. 







I wanted something that would set ok on my stomach so I went with oatmeal and an orange. 














I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you are looking forward to the new year just like I am!



Question:  How are you going to bring in the New Year??


5 responses to “A little gratitude

  1. chasingchels says:

    Awww I’m sorry to hear about the tummy troubles 😦 I hope you’re feeling better today! We are going to a friend’s house to celebrate the new year (I’m making cookies today for it), but thankfully they live a 15 minute walk away so we’ll be home a little after 1 or 2

  2. Laura says:

    I think that is the exact right resolution for you! Happy New Year, lady!

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