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A Simple Night

on January 7, 2013

Well hello there!   It’s been a fast couple of days since the last time we spoke.  Saturday was full of to-do things and then Sunday was a really blessed full day.   First things first, my workout this morning was a type of pyramid workout. 





10 jumping jacks

10 push-ups

10 squats

10 crunches

10  jump ropes


9 jumping jacks

9 push-ups

9 squats

9 crunches

9 jump ropes


I did this until I got to….


1 jumping jack

1 push-up

1 squat

1 crunch

1 jump rope



This really did the trick and woke me right up! 



After work, I came home and did a quick two miles..


Two Mile Run:


Mile One:    9.38

Mile Two:    9.03


Total time:    18:48

Average pace:    9.20





























I have my workouts for the week already ready to go and tomorrow’s lunch is all packed!   I have a class first thing in the morning and I am actually excited about going!  I am going to get to see one of my good friends that works at our main office.  Smile



Ok, I am waiting to watch Castle right now and I am quickly reminded why I do not watch The Bachelor.   Geeze.   I am probably the only female on the face of the planet that doesn’t watch this show.  




I made a point not to really make any resolutions this year.  I do have goals that I want to live by everyday and so to have some sort of accountability I am going to list them..

  1. Continue to drink plenty of water.  The first thing that I do when I get up, is stroll into the kitchen and get a glass of water.  I also normally try to have another glass before I go to work.  This usually has me busting the door wide open when I get there! 
  2. Eat lean dinners.  Tonight’s meal is exactly how I want to end my day.
  3. limit my sugar intake.  Oh how love sugar.  Candy in any form.  (insert heavy sigh)
  4. Instead of a snack before bed time, I am going to drink a cup of hot tea.
  5. Continue to pack my lunches for the next day.  I would love to pack them for the week, but getting them ready the night before is huge.  I don’t know about you, but it actually relaxes me when things are ready to go.  I even have my breakfast ready to go in the morning. 
  6. Change my workouts up.  As of late, I have been surfing different types of workouts.  I have found some really great ones on Instagram.
  7. Say one positive thing about myself everyday.
  8. Continue my 31 Days of Gratitude Challenge.  Which makes 1-7 a lot easier for me. 

Simple right?  Smile


I just feel so grateful lately.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for everything that is in my life; family, job, home, food, friends.  What I have the most difficulty with is being grateful for myself.  I heard the coolest thing at church yesterday.  Something that I already knew, but was so glad to be reminded of. 

The God that created the entire world.  The heavens and the earth.  Can calm the seas and move mountains.  He wants to have a relationship with me. 

So that is what I am grateful for tonight.  God’s love.



I hope you guys have a great night! 


8 responses to “A Simple Night

  1. Great workout today! I like your goals too- especially 2, 6, & 7. #7 is very important for everyone to remember including myself. I love those dark chocolate cherry Kind bars too- so yummy!

  2. Lovely goals Brandi 🙂 And a great workout + delicious food!

  3. chasingchels says:

    I think that’s an awesome thing to be grateful for 🙂 And I love pyramid workouts…always feel accomplished when I’m done haha ❤

  4. Maren says:

    Hi Brandi! I love your idea to not do resolutions this year. I finally did that last year and I was so much more successful with my yearly goals. I love yours and that gratitude challenge sounds awesome!

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