Faith Fitness and Laughter

MidSomer What???

on January 14, 2013

Well hey there.  How was your Monday??  I just ate my heart for dinner by doing this:




7 rounds of

7 burpees

7 squats

7 sit-ups


Oh my goodness!!


I really think burpees are evil, but man they get your heart rate pumping!


You can find more of these great workouts on Katrina Runs for Food.   Smile







Love these things!!





Soup, apple, and an english muffin chicken sandwich



One of these may have been consumed today….   WW’s Coconut dreams!


A little later, lets say 5:00, my tummy started to grumble…





Enter half an apple and an egg. 








Just wanted to post the link to the PV Body site to get 20% off!  faithfitnessandlaughter


As also talked about it in this post as well…


Go check it out!  I am really excited to receive my first box of great workout clothes!



PVBODY_250x250_SIGNUP1 (1)


I really am horrible when it comes to picking out my workout clothes.  It really is a hot mess.  This way, PV Body will do the thinking for me!   It’s so simple!  Fill out the short survey and bam!  There you have it.  Done and done. 



Well, I am off!  I am completely addicted to this show and can’t get enough!




7 responses to “MidSomer What???

  1. chasingchels says:

    Yay for being addicted to British crime shows 😉 And I completely agree with you about burpees…necessary evil in my mind…7 is my favorite number too…might have to give that one a try 😉

  2. I did 70 burpees today thanks to a workout by Yikessssssss

  3. I really need to get into these burpee routines!

  4. warm weather like soup is what i crave in this weather, so dreary here!

  5. prayersnappleseditor says:

    that 7 rounds workout is no joke! i’m going to try it tomorrow and then i’ll come back and let you know how it’s all your fault i’m sore!! haha jk 🙂 but i will let u know how it goes! 🙂

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