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Icy weather

on January 16, 2013

Morning!  I am so glad to see you Wednesday!   Geeze!  Yesterday was super long, mainly because we had a bit of sleet and snow and we weren’t very busy at work.  This my friends is the recipe for a long day.  Of course I kept watching the clock and it was just ticking by.  Slowly.    Thankfully, the rest of the week is supposed to be great!





I was up by 4:00 a.m. yesterday and let me tell ya by 9:00 last night I was in bed and not too far off from being in a coma.  I think I might have woken up once during the night to adjust my covers, but I didn’t budge until my alarm went off.  I have to admit, I did hit my snooze once.  Winking smile   4:15 might seem a bit early, but I really do like getting up that early.  Getting more sleep was one of the things that I wanted to work on and getting up early forces my body to go to sleep by a decent time. 



Childhood Obesity:


So this year on The Biggest Loser they are addressing this topic.  They have even invited three different children to the show to teach them better habits on how to be healthy and make healthy decisions.  I am a really big fan of the show and I think this idea is great.  It’s funny to watch the trainers with the kids as apposed to the adults.  Smile   What I am not a fan of on the show is the yelling, challenges, and the voting….it can get a bit ugly.   It does take different tactics to help someone at this state and size to lose the weight.   I can remember being really manipulative with my food and hiding it under my bed.  Eating dinner and then going out to eat with friends.  All the while it wasn’t about food for me, it was about something deeper. 

The other thought that I had about the show is this…. If you have never walked in a body that is 250 pounds up to 515, you will never understand.  I know that some may think that it is harsh in a sense to do the things that the trainers are doing, but you have to think about what it took for that person to get to where they are.  It really doesn’t have anything to do with food.  Food is just a tool.  Just my thoughts and two cents.


Danica over at It’s Progression put up a great post on this topic!  I had been thinking about talking about this and when I read her post I wanted to share it. 


  • Obesity effects 17% of children and adolescents (12.5 million)
  • Since 1980 obesity in children and adolescents has almost tripled
  • Only 5% of children between the ages of 2 and 5 were considered overweight in a 1971-1974 survey, while 13.9% of children at this age were overweight in a more recent 2003-2004 survey
  • Only 6.1% of children between the ages of 12 and 19 were considered overweight in a 1971-1974 survey, while 17.4% of children at this age were overweight in a more recent 2003-2004 survey


The numbers really are alarming.  I know for myself growing up my parents did the best that they could, but my choices weren’t always healthy.  Even as a young adult and early 20’s, I didn’t really know how to make healthy choices.  The bad foods tasted good, so they had to be healthy right??


Anyway, just wanted to share some thoughts and numbers with you.  Smile






5 rounds of

40 jumping jacks

30 lunges

20 V-ups



This mornings workout:

25 squats/5 push-ups

20 squats/10 push-ups

15 squats/15 push-ups

10 squats/20 push-ups

5 squats/25 push-ups


For time



Both workouts from Katrina Runs for Food








I am off!  Today is my noon day and I have a hair cut appointment that is let’s just say overdue and I have a follow-up doctors appointment for my Vitamin D levels.  Have a super day!!


14 responses to “Icy weather

  1. chasingchels says:

    Yay for hair cuts on a Wednesday afternoon! I definitely need to get mine taken care of too…I think you make an excellent point about not being to understand unless you’ve been there, too, love. It’s so easy for people on the outside to judge and say this is what you have to do and why can’t you just stop and do this…they also have no idea about the pain and inner voices that put that person on that path to begin with…thoughtful way to begin the day, Brandi, so thank you for this ❤

  2. I didn’t get up at 4, but I feel like I did. I am exhausted today! Have fun getting your haircut, I need to make an appt. for mine soon!

  3. I’m loving these little home workouts you post! So nice to be able to workout quickly without equipment!

  4. I am on a grapefruit kick right now, thank you for being on sale

  5. prayersnappleseditor says:

    thx for all the stats! it’s really crazy when you look at the numbers! …i didn’t forget about my 7-round workout promise either 😉 haha just finished my run wkout and my legs are a lil tired.. *cough cough* EXCUSE! 😉 but i’m 100% doing it first thing tomor morning 🙂

    • Ha ha! I look forward to hearing about it!! I found tons more Crossfit type workouts and will be sharing them too. I couldn’t come up with them on my own, so I am thankful that others share them too! Have a super night girl!

  6. I love Biggest Loser and I have been AMAZED to learn so much about childhood obesity this season. It’s unbelievable how terrible our nation’s nutrition is, and the horrible example we have set for our children.

  7. Danica says:

    I totally agree that it’s not about food for the people that are overweight, particularly on the Biggest Loser…it’s about something much deeper than that and they’re “hiding” it or using food to cope. Great post, girl 🙂

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