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Birthday Week

on January 26, 2013

Morning Saturday!   So my birthday is Sunday and I have been celebrating it all week.  Little things here, little things there.  There were burpees, there was an outdoor run, there were gifts from the girls a work……It’s been a good week.   There were also cupcakes, but I didn’t partake in them.  It’s also been a good week for eats and zero sugar cravings.  I mean zero sugar cravings are reason enough to celebrate the week! 







There was also a gift card to one of my favorite places in the entire world….. 




I really do work with some great girls!   I can’t tell you how great it’s been working with them and actually enjoying coming into work. 



Hunter, Dona, Sarah, and Bianca  Smile




Made To Crave:


I really really love that we can include so many things to help us along our journeys in life.  Some things that will actually help us and there are some things that might sabotage us later.  It’s really important to be able to discern what will  help and what will not help.  I truly believe that this is a process.  Going into something that might help us, might not in the long run.  I wanted to share some other thoughts from the book that I am reading.  I also wanted to share that not all books are helpful and I am not into all of the “self-help” books, but this one is different.  Lysa really does want you to go through your own journey, not hers.  She just wanted to share hers with us.


  • “This journey will require you to make some tough sacrifices, but I’ve come to look at this process as embracing healthy choices rather than denying myself.”
  • “Think it over.”  I wonder how many bad choices and severe consequences could have been averted if that three-word statement had been applied.
  • In other words, when what is lacking in life goes from being an  annoyance to an anxiety we run the risk of compromising in ways we never thought we would.
  • You see, when we determine to get healthy, we will have to give up certain things and change our habits.
  • We were made for victory
  • I was made to be set free, holy, new, loved, and confident.  Because of this, I can’t allow myself to partake in anything that negates my true identity.
  • The real reason for grounding ourselves in the truth that we are made for me is “so that you may know him better.” 
  • We were made for more than excuses and vicious cycles
  • We can taste success
  • We can experience truth
  • We can choose to stay on path of hard work and perseverance
  • We can keep “made for more” at the top of our minds and on the tips of our tongues
  • And our eating habits can be totally transformed as we keep asking, embrace our true identity, find the deeper reason for claiming that identity, and operate in the hope and power that’s like no other.


People often face situations where we lose a part of our identity or that identity is challenged.  I’m a sister, a daughter, a friend.  Many other things, such as; wife, father, son, husband.  You can also define your identity to your job, surroundings, and accomplishments.

I come from a very loving family whom without I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.  But my family doesn’t define me.  I love them very much, but I can’t define my life by how their lives are.  I can strive to do the right thing by watching them, but in the end my identity comes from God. 


An identity wrapped up in anything other than Christ has the ability to collapse right in front of us.  (from the Every life is Beautiful bible study)






Since we last spoke here’s what my workouts have looked like!  Smile


Invisible Fran

21-15-9 Air squats and push-ups:

21 air squats/21 push-ups

15 air squats/15 push-ups

9 air squats/ 9 push-ups

*this workout came from Katrina Runs for Food*


There was a rest day in there!


Yesterday’s workout looked like this:

3 mile run followed up by 50 sit-ups, 100 jump ropes, 50 leg flutters, 100 jump ropes



So today is going to be pretty busy…  I have a coffee date with a girlfriend that I haven’t seen in a while!  Can’t wait to catch up!  After that, I’ll be headed to church to get my picture take for a scrap book and then one that will be used for our church directory.   Once that is finished, I am not sure what I will be doing.  I have had a sinus infection for about a week now and it’s reared it’s ugly head yesterday.  The entire right side of my face hurts!!  Head, eyes, ear, mouth…..everything.  My head feels like it’s in this big balloon.  Not that I have ever had my head in a balloon, but you get the picture.  Winking smile





Have you ever had a White Grapefruit??    You should!  I really like it! 






I also found this great Tabata style workout yesterday! 



I am off to get ready for the day!  I hope that you have a great one! 


12 responses to “Birthday Week

  1. mm white grapefruit, that sounds good! Happy early birthday!

  2. Happy early birthday!!!!! Huge kudos to you for not having a cupcake. That is better willpower than I would have!

  3. chasingchels says:

    Happy early birthday love!! I hope you enjoy your day today and have a blast with your friend 🙂

  4. Happy birthday Brandi! I love that you’re celebrating it all week and hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow!

  5. Prayers and Apples says:

    hey it’s sunday!! happy birthday girl! so happy i found your blog! ♥

  6. Happy birthday!!!!! I am glad you spent so much time celebrating you! And what is better than a Starbucks giftcard?? hehe

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