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on March 1, 2013

Hello my friends!  How are you this fine Friday morning??  It’s been a fast paced week that is for sure.  I can’t even remember Monday….Winking smile    It’s also been a week of ups and downs.  Time and time again we are sometimes faced with tough days and sometimes really bad days, but you know, even in those not so good moments of weakness we are alive.  Being able to feel those feelings means that I am feeling something.  Life is truly made up of moments.  Moments that we aren’t promised.  So, good or bad, I am going go relish each moment that I am given. 


It’s funny to look examine my life a year ago.  I can’t get over how different I feel physically, spiritually and emotionally.  My mom and I were talking last night and she said that it was good to see me happy again.  Granted I am in a good place right now and a lot of that has to due with Kevin, but even before I met him I was in a good place.  I had come to realize some things and just wanted to be present and live in each moment.  Having Kevin is such a blessing and a gift. 

Even if I have down moments, I know that God has my best interest at hand. 




Made to Crave:


Just to give you an update on how my journey is going with incorporating my healthy lifestyle in with my relationship with Christ.  A healthy lifestyle is made up of small choice everyday.  What to eat?  How much? Is that good for me?  Will this make my underwear cut into me??  You know, the normal stuff.  But really it is so much more than that.  Here are some things that stuck out to me in the chapter called, "The Very Next Choice We Make.” 


  • Making the connection between my daily disciplines with food and my desire to pursue holiness is crucial.  Holiness doesn’t just deal with my spiritual life; it very much deals with my physical life as well.  (pg. 169)
  • The very next choice we make isn’t really about whether or not to eat chips, cookies, or French fries smothered in chili and processed cheese.  It’s about whether we are going to stay away from those things that are not beneficial for what we are created to be. (pg 169)
  • The reality is, even when we stand on the scale and see our goal weight staring back at us, we’re always just one choice away from reversing all the progress we’ve made.  (pg 170)
  • “I’m not saying victory isn’t possible.  But victory isn’t a place we arrive at and then relax.  Victory is when we pick something healthy over something not beneficial for us.”  (pg 170)
  • You see, the very next choice we make isn’t really about the food and the weight and the negative feelings we carry around when we’re choosing poorly.  It’s about whether or not we’re positioning ourselves to live the kind of God-honoring lives in which, by God’s strength, sustained discipline is possible.  (pg 170)
  • One wise choice can lead to two, can lead to three, can lead to a thousand, can lead to the sweet place of utter dependence on God and lasting discipline.  (pg 175)
  • A place worthy of more than brief vacations every now and then.  (pg 175)
  • A place where discipline makes disciples who truly understand what it means t delight themselves in the Lord.  (pg 175)




I can remember when I started my weight loss journey and then turned it into a healthy living journey.  When I first started, I thought I would just lose the weight and then go right back to eating and living the way that I wanted to.  I can only speak for myself, but I can’t live that way.  Sometimes when we implement change, it just has to stick.  There isn’t no going back to hoarding food and eating the way that I did.  There isn’t any going back to living the way I want to not worrying about how it affects everyone around me. 

I love this journey that I am on and the fact that I get to share it with you is such a blessing to me.  Smile






I actually had some daylight this morning to take my pictures… Winking smile 



I don’t think that I will ever get tired of this combo…



Yesterday, my boss and I had to go on a business call to get some information from a customer, but we made a pit stop along the way….



First time to visit this place!!





Mine was the one on the right in case you were wondering…. Smile   Just a plain coffee with a shot of cream.  So good!



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My Love:




Swoon… Winking smile   He really is such a special guy and I am so thankful to know him and blessed that he is in my life. 



Have a great day ya’ll!


10 responses to “Choices

  1. aw thanks lady! I appreciate that a whole lot. I love DD coffee, drool

  2. chasingchels says:

    Thank yOU for the shout out love 🙂 i’m soo happy you’re in such a good place (even though i know it would be better if kevin were here but you’ll see him soon) 🙂 you deserve nothing less! And he is a cutie! Nicely done 😉

  3. Prayers and Apples says:

    no wonder you’ve been so happy! that’s a good looking man right there 🙂 ..thx for the blog love ♥ and guess what: i just ordered made to crave!! finally! 🙂 can’t wait!!

  4. Aww, Kevin is gorgeous!! And I am so glad you’re in such a good place Brandi 🙂

  5. YES for the DD pitstop! And thanks for the shoutout! Also, Kevin is adorable! I am so happy for you 🙂

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