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Courageous Sacrifice

on March 8, 2013

Hello hello… Smile   Happy Friday my friends!   It’s been a long week and one I am super glad that is coming to an end.  It’s kind of been a long week and I think that I have started every post referencing how long the week has been. 


Made to Crave:


While on my lunch break today, I read some more in my Made to Crave book.  It’s getting close to the end and can I just say it’s been a great journey.  Here are some things that stuck out to me in this chapter.


  • The perspective that we will have to turn from some foods forever.  This turning is part courageous sacrifice and part utter repentance. (pg 177)
  • Hitting your goal weight is a blessing entangled with a curse (pg 177)
  • The interesting thing about these “guests” (junk food) is that they send out  signals to our brain begging us to party with them again and again and again.  (pg 178)
  • It’s really difficult for a chips-and-chocolate girl to uninvited foods to her party that have been regulars for years.  And it’s even more difficult to reconcile that they aren’t my friends.  Some can be casual acquaintances on a very limited level, but others need to be banished for good. (pg 178-179)
  • When we’re defeated and stuck in issues of the flesh, it’s really hard to fully and passionately follow hard after God.  (pg 179)
  •  I can is a powerful little twist for a girl feeling deprived.  (pg 179)
  • I can reminds me no food will ever taste as sweet as victory does. (pg 180)
  • Chips and chocolate fill my mouth for a few seconds with a salty and sugary delight that has no life in them.  But courage fills my heart, mind, and soul with everything alive and possible and invigorating.  (pg 181)


What I really took from this chapter was that it takes courage to start and or continue anything.  Even when it comes to healthy living.  It takes courage and knowing that you can do it.    Courage that I am finding doesn’t come from me.  it comes from having a relationship with Him. 





12 Minute AMRAP


10 lunges with weight overhead

15 air squats

20 speed skaters

10 jump lunges



I am off to shower and get ready for the day!  I hope you have a great one!


4 responses to “Courageous Sacrifice

  1. chasingchels says:

    Courage is right love, and i know you have it in spades 🙂 have a wonderful friday!!

  2. Courage is something most of us have to dig deep for, and sometimes it is really hard to find it when you need it (or at all!). I agree with the above, though – I know you do have it and that you will reach your goals in due course 🙂

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