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Thankful For.

on March 15, 2013

This morning I wanted to spend a little bit of time on what I am thankful for.  Smile  Especially after I kind of felt stuck in my thoughts yesterday.  Some (most) days my day can be a bit repetitive.  This is good when it comes to my job because I have to approach every single transaction the same.  But in life, not so much.  



Thankful Friday:


  1. My time in the morning.  I get some pretty strange looks when it comes to telling people what time I get up in the morning.  If I have to be at work early, I am usually up by 4:45-5:00.  I really like having some time in the morning to drink my coffee, wake up, pray, have a devotion.  It really does help me start my day.
  2. The sun rise.  Since the time change, I get to watch the sun rise while I am on my way to work.  It really is beautiful and reminds me that God makes all things new.  We each have a new day to make better decisions, to follow Him, to love people the way that He does. 
  3. A new life.  Let me tell ya…. Having Kevin in my life makes me think of things that I have never thought of before.  Sharing a life with someone, being a helpmate, building a life, encouraging him and being encouraged in return, sharing a love together that is pure.  So so many things! 
  4. Inner Beauty.  So many years I have worried that because I didn’t think that I was pretty I didn’t have any worth.  My worth is so inner it’s not even funny.  God looks at me and see His Son and that makes me beautiful.  It has nothing to do with what size jeans I am in or what my hair looks like.  Ultimately, when my relationship is right with Christ, that comes out. 
  5. Love.  Again, I can talk about it all day long.  Kevin.  I really just love saying his name.  My Father loves me so much that He sent His Son to die.  Feeling love from Kevin is the second best thing.  I want to help him.  Have fun with him.  Laugh with him.  Have serious conversations with him about life.  Listen to him. 
  6. Health.  I love talking health with people.  I really do.  Smile  To be quiet honest, it encourages me when I talk to someone about living a healthy lifestyle.  Living a healthy lifestyle can be really difficult sometimes….there’s sacrifice, will power, choices, and getting outside of the box.  But the overall benefits of making better health decisions so out weighs the alternative.  It was really hard for a long time to get a balance of not starving myself, restricting myself, and just enjoying life by making better food/exercise choices. 
  7. My Sunday School class.  Let me elaborate.  I teach the first, second and third grade girls at my church on Sunday morning.  This young girl has been coming in there for months now and man let me tell ya, it was like pulling teeth to get her to talk or open up.  Her sister is also in the class and she always wanted to be next to her and hanging on her.  Well……the last two Sundays have been HUGE people!  She has opened up.  She seems to be engaged with everyone.  She talks now!  She smiles now too!  (she used to cry all the time).  She doesn’t read the Bible out loud, yet but I know she will get there.  She has just come a long long way and it makes me smile. 
  8. Family.  Which I don’t know what I would do without. 



So what are you thankful for today??




Oatmeal with almond butter and coffee.  Smile





Yesterday I felt like I needed a rest day because I just felt a bit tired.  I am glad that I did.  So, I am back at it today!  I get off at 5:00 today so that gives me plenty of time to get home and get a workout in.  Going to work on my arms today!! 



I hope you guys have a great day!  Smile 


Just 42 days to go baby!!


8 responses to “Thankful For.

  1. chasingchels says:

    I’m thankful for beautiful friends like you, beautiful drives with my boy, a chance to run with new friends this weekend, my family and knowing they’ll be supporting/waiting to hear how we did, and pancakes for breakfast 🙂

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to start your morning :). You have many, many blessings in your life!

  3. Prayers and Apples says:

    aw the sunday school class story made me smile 🙂 ..i ended up making that chicken broccoli casserole – it was good but i put in wayyyy too much broccoli, so i kind of messed it up :/ that’s ok though, because my made to crave book just arrived! so i had something to cheer me up 🙂 this week has been totally faith fitness and laughter inspired lol 🙂

    • Yeah, I wanted to put in more broccoli and more spinach, but I think it would have been a bit over powering. I finished it off yesterday! I’m SO glad your book arrived!!! You will have to keep me posted on how you like it! 🙂 Yay! You’re awesome Jess!

  4. I didn’t know you took Sunday School classes – that is so great, and that story about the girl has made me smile too 🙂 What a rewarding experience.

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