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Cold, Cloudy and Rainy

on March 23, 2013

Morning Saturday….  It’s cloudy, cold and rainy.  Kind of how my head feels this morning.  So so glad that this week is over and the weekend is here.  This past week had some very long days in it and Friday was no exception.  It started at 5:00 with some much needed quiet time, but quickly turned into a  long day at work.  We were pretty busy, which really does make the day go by fast, but doesn’t allow my brain to turn itself off anytime throughout the day.  By 6:00 I was pretty much brain dead.  I enjoyed a nice ride home in the quiet.  Oh wait….I didn’t go home.  Some ladies in my church planned a Women’s Retreat this weekend so I drove straight to that.  This was a 50 minute drive from work.  Once I got there the festivities had already started and so I made my way to a corner and sat down.  We spoke about some really great women of the bible, but my mind was so spent that all I really wanted to do was be at home in a hot bath.  I had not eaten and had the biggest headache and was starting to feel really bad.  My mom and I ended up leaving just before 10:00. 

I really enjoy getting together with the ladies from my church and was so thankful that so many women showed up for such a great gathering…. 


Even though I was pretty much spent in the brain department, I did enjoy listening about Eve and Rahab.   I also enjoyed listening to the other ladies talk about relationships and marriage.  Here are some of the things that stuck out to me:


  1. I am to be my husbands crowning glory. 
  2. be open and honest in a marriage
  3. listen to your husband. 
  4. Encourage your husband
  5. make a sacrifice for your husband
  6. don’t put up walls between you and your husband
  7. Pray about how you speak to your husband
  8. honor, respect, and support your husbands leadership




I would love to say that I am going to get out and enjoy the day, but it’s pretty yucky outside.  We still have our yard sale going on and what doesn’t sale today will be packed up. 


It’s officially 34 days until I get to see Kevin!  That just makes me smile!   The original plan was for me to fly to Washington to see him, but the plan is now changed to him coming to see me.  Winking smile   Well, not just me.  His family is really close to where I live and he really wants to come home and see them.  He just wants to be close to them and love on them.  So we talked and decided that he should come home.  He also felt that it was the right thing to do by my family.  That meeting my parents before I travel across the country to see him would be appropriate.  Just one of the many reasons I love him.  He was so afraid of disappointing me, but I told him that I would rather him come home and enjoy some time with his family than make the trip out there first.  I am happy that he is coming home and cannot wait to actually be able to touch him!  We are not sure what week yet, but I will be going there in July.  Kevin says the weather is much better in Washington during that time, so I am really excited about that.  He is pretty amazing and I love him more and more everyday. 



Well that is about if folks Smile   I am going to finish my cup of coffee and get up and move around.  I hope you have a good day wherever you are! 


8 responses to “Cold, Cloudy and Rainy

  1. Love the plans you have with Kevin! That’s great that he is meeting your family 🙂 And this weather is nuts around here…it snowed this past week!

  2. Prayers and Apples says:

    aw sorry about your grogginess this morning – at least your visit’s only 34 days away! that’s going to flyyyy by 🙂 i agree that him coming to you might end up working out even better, bc then he can meet your parents and then when you go in july you’ll be able to do a lot more fun tourist-y things together bc the weather will be nicer 🙂

  3. chasingchels says:

    Awwwww I love that part of the reason he’s coming home is so that your family can meet him before you fly out to see him!! That’s absolutely wonderful 🙂 I’m so happy for you, love! Enjoy the time with your family today and get some rest!!

  4. It sounds like you are in need of a rest / nothing day! Which would be perfect for gloomy weather – I hope you managed to get it Brandi 🙂

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