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Would you Rather….

on March 30, 2013

Hello my friends!  It’s Saturday!!  I hope you have some amazing things planned today!  I sadly will be working and enjoying the rain and more clouds.  I need sun!!  Well, I need sun when I am actually off to enjoy it!  I kind of feel the need to be outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Hike.  Run. Walk. Picnic.  Things like that Smile   Since Kevin and I don’t live in the same state, that is one of the things that I miss the most.  We can’t go out on dates.  It’s ok though, when he comes home in a few weeks, we will be able to have a couple of dates while he is here!  Happy Dance!

Where he lives is getting some amazing weather, so he is going to be out today enjoying that.  He loves to be able to get out in the outdoors and enjoy some down time.  Something I am going to enjoy doing with him.  I know he will need some “guy” time, but hanging out with him is something that I will enjoy.


My mouth kind of bothered me yesterday….I don’t know if it was the “three day” soreness rule or what, but they hurt.  I was also functioning on 4 hours of sleep too. Winking smile  Kevin and I stayed up pretty late talking the night before last and it was pretty late when we got off the phone.  I don’t regret it at all though….We were able to talk about things and continue moving forward in our relationship.

He really is a pretty amazing guy!



As I said earlier, I have to work today, but when I get off work I think I am going to find a department store….aka JC Penny and get me some new work pants.  Losing nearly 25 pounds has caused me to fall out of my pants!  At first, my hips were able to hold them up, but now there are probably three pair that I can’t even fit anymore.

The last few days I have felt all that great due to the fact that I am living on pudding and Jello.  Kevin suggested last night that I try a protein smoothie until I am able to actually eat normal again.  I will probably pick some of this up today as well.


I found this survey over at Chasing Chels yesterday and I wanted to share it with you!



Would You Rather:


……Run a 5K or a Marathon:   Hmmm, this isn’t a tough question for me, but I have never actually entered a race before so I think that I would want to start out with a 5K if I was to run in a race.  The farthest I have ran before has been seven miles, so I think that I would also like to start with a half marathon, but holy cow how cool would it be to run a marathon!



……Run in the heat of summer, or the icy winter:  Living in Arkansas, running in the heat is not an option.  It can get pretty toasty here and the humidity is preeeetty brutal.  So, I would probably run in the winter.  You just can’t get naked enough in the summer around here!!



……Have new running shoes or a new running outfit???   Oh this one is easy!!!  I so wish that I had a pair of running shoes from every company…I love my Ghost 4’s, but I would love to upgrade to the 5’s!  Brooks, if you are reading this, please contact me!!!  Smile



……Run alone or in a group?   I have only ran with one other person in my running “career” and I really did like it.  I always think that I am going to slow the other person down, but it’s nice to have someone that you can set your pace with or challenge yourself with.  I am pretty excited about running with Kevin.  I would love to try running with a group just to see how that works.



…….Run next to someone in a race who tries to talk to you constantly, or someone who breaths heavily and grunts?   Definitely breaths heavy and grunts!  I’m chatty cathy, so I can’t pretty much chat someone’s ear off, but when it comes to running I like to just zone out and concentrate.  I do like to have some music in me ear though!



…….Run a race because of convenience (location, price, travel), or the swag?   Since I have never really ran a race to experience both, I am not sure.  Probably both, but I think that I would just like to feel great on the run and finish with a big glass of protein!!!  And pizza!!



……Run a race with a group of friends, or by yourself?  I think that I would really enjoy running with a group of friends!  To encourage each other and have a great time running together!  I wish more of my friends ran though!!


……Run a PR but result in an injury, or finish strong and miss the PR?  Hmmm, probably finish strong.  I really don’t like to be injured or change my workout routine because of one.  I would do my best to reach the PR, but in the end I really would want to finish strong!



……Rather eat a big meal the night before, or a big meal after the race?   I think in order to run really great and for my body to perform well, I would need to eat a great meal the night before.  I also think it’s important to refuel right after too!


……Be chased by a swarm of bees or a pack of dogs??  Oh goodness!!  Probably neither!!  You can jump on something to get away from the dogs, but what if there is nothing around??  The bees however, you look like a Kung foo ninja when they start attacking!!



That’s it!



It’s been a long week and it’s going to be a short weekend, but I am glad to be alive and able to enjoy it.  Smile


3 responses to “Would you Rather….

  1. chasingchels says:

    Yayyy!! I’m glad you did this 🙂 I hope Brooks contacts you after this…and then comes to me since I love them too 😀 Happy weekend, love!!

  2. Finish strong for sure…no injury for me!

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