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I’m Gonna…

on April 24, 2013

Hello and Morning!  So I wanted to come home yesterday and type this up, but time did run out and daylight disappeared.  Smile   I had to work until 6:00 yesterday and my pastors wife had a get together at her house for the ladies in my church.  It was really nice too.  I really do love the women in my church.  Most of them are older than I am so I love to hear their wisdom and listen to how they deal with things. 


Lately I have been thinking about things that I want to do.  That I am going to do…..  I really do want to enjoy life and not worry about what people think or about what I could have done differently in a situation.  Do I always stick to this?  Of course not, but it is something that I want strive for. 


I’m Gonna:


  1. Laugh Everyday.   I really really really love to make people laugh.  I mean I am a freakin comedian in my head!  I love to put people at ease with humor and I love to see people smile.  Lately however, I haven’t felt like laughing.  I have told people that I was “alright” when inside I just felt lost, confused and insecure.   Not at anyone’s expense, but I will laugh…….Smile
  2. Be Kind.  Whew!  This one has been tough lately.  I really do love to encourage people.  I really do.  But I don’t particularly like being a doormat and can sometimes get run over by people.  When I am around someone who has a stronger personality than mine, I will have a tendency to back down.  No matter what you have been through, that doesn’t give you the right to not be kind.  Being bitter about things only has a negative impact whether it’s about hurt feelings, past hurts, difficult circumstances.  So I am going to be kind.
  3. Move Forward.  Thinking about the future can be scary sometimes, but focusing on the past is far worse.  I can’t go back and change anything.  I believe that God gives us certain “stones” to carry that are our own.  These stones can be circumstances, problems, ministries, work, family… things like that.  He doesn’t mean for us to carry things that are meant for someone else.  Be there for them, yes.  But how are we to change if someone does the work for us?  We can’t.  People have gone through far worse things than I know at this point in my life, but the goal should be to move forward not stay where we are. 
  4. Be healthy.  Oh my goodness this has been on the back burner!  I haven’t had an appetite at all as of late, but I am slowly getting back to a normal eating schedule. (trying to)  This is something that I have struggled to want to even talk about here because it’s not something that I want to promote. 
  5. Enter a Race.  Done!  A couple of weeks ago I went on a weekend trip with some other employees and really did have a great time!  One of the other ladies there runs and so I have someone to enter races with now!  I signed up for the Women Run Race… For women only!  It promotes healthy living for women and that is something that I really want to get involved in.  I really can’t wait!!  The race is May 11th! 
  6. Spend more time in prayer.  If you ever feel like “what in the world am I going to do??”, prayer is the answer.  Sometimes talking to my mom and dad really does frustrate me.  “Pray about it” is their answer for just about anything.  But it really is the answer.  One of the passages that I read last night was this: “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden.  The God who is our salvation.” (emp mine) Psalm 68:19.  How amazing is that?  To know that no matter what I am dealing with, past or present, He is right there next to me.  But it does take spending time with Him to be able to discern what to do.  What comes along with spending time with God?  Patience.  Oh goodness!  This is something that I have zero of.  Mainly because if I have ever wanted anything I just go after it or get it.  I focus on that one thing.  I also put a lot of stock into the fact that when someone tells me something, I believe them.  I take them at their word.  When they end up being something else, I lose patience. 


Yesterday morning, on my way to work I was talking out loud (yes I do that!) and I was praying about the path that God would have me to go on.  What am I to be doing right now?  I had a bit of time before I had to go in and this is what I read: 


In order to know My will, you must spend time with Me—enjoying My Presence.  This is not an onerous task but a delightful privilege.  I will show you the path of Life, in My Presence is fullness of Joy, at My right hand there are pleasures forevermore. 

Psalm 141:8  “For my eyes are toward You, O God, the Lord; In You I take refuge, do not leave me defenseless.

Psalm 16:11 “You will make known to me the path of life, In Your presence is fullness of joy, in Your right hand there are pleasures forever.


I don’t know about you, but I find that comforting.  Even when I have moments of thinking my life might be a mess and there isn’t any direction. 



Meet my new running shoe:



Brooks Cascadia 7

I found a great deal through Road Runner Sports and got a great discount.  Of course it also helps that they were on the endangered list.. Smile



Have a great day!!


3 responses to “I’m Gonna…

  1. Nikki says:

    So exciting that you signed up for a race! Awesome goals 🙂

  2. chasingchels says:

    What a great list of things you want to do, love 🙂 I think they will help you find joy and peace where you are, which is a goal of mine as well….i really like how you want to work on not letting stronger personalities rule your decisions…that’s a big one for me, too, and it’s a really hard habit to break. We both deserve to have our needs/wants/thoughts heard and met, though, so let’s keep it up! Andddd I can’t wait to hear about your first race!! So soon 🙂 you’re going to rock it!

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