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They came!

on April 27, 2013

How’s your afternoon going?  Mine has actually been a really good one Smile   This morning I was actually able to sleep in and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that.  Not having anywhere pressing to be was really nice.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee and even watched some tv… 

I also went for a run!!


3.2 Miles


Mile One:    9.46

Mile Two:    8.57

Mile Three:  9.03


Total time:    29.33

Average Pace:   9.13



I really just wanted to enjoy this run and I really wanted to run more than two miles.  Done and done.   It wasn’t my best or my fastest, but it did feel amazing to do!  I heart running. 


I told you guys that I ordered some Trail Running shoes right??   Well, they came!!








Aren’t they pretty??  I immediately put them on and they fit perfectly!


I splurged and got these too….






I really can’t wait to try these babies out!






Look how green everything is here??  We’ve had lots of rain!




Two eggs with some spinach….  I put the spinach in the food processor again……I really like doing that. Smile



Our children’s program at church put on a car wash today and that is where I picked up my niece and nephew….





We weren’t on the road good and this is what happened… 


We are going to eat Mexican food tonight!!  I can’t wait either!



What have you been up to this afternoon??  Just relaxing??


6 responses to “They came!

  1. I took a quick walk this morning and testing out a few short running intervals–so far so good! My husband and I also took our bikes to the bike shop for a tune-up–I’m so excited to get them back! And I must say those trail running shoes are gorgous!! I just found out there is a state park 10 minutes from our house with 25 miles worth of trails–can’t wait to head out there, but I probably need some pretty new shoes too. 😉

  2. Travis and I went to the local park and I did a trail run…totally need trail running shoes like you 🙂

  3. They are gorgeous shoes Brandi! And I’m so glad you had fun on your run – that’s what it’s meant to be about 🙂

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