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May 1st, Really?

on May 1, 2013

Morning!  I really can’t believe that it’s May already!?  How in the world does the year pass by so fast?   First of the months where I work are pretty busy so I am sure today will fly by!  I have some goals that I want to share with you guys, but haven’t gotten them ready to type up yet. Winking smile   


Yesterday for lunch I wanted a salad and I wanted it from Panera Bread….



My favorite….  Chicken Fugi Apple… Smile   It was so good, but with the braces, the pecans were interesting to eat!  I think my favorite part is the blue cheese….


On my way home I stopped to take a couple of pictures that I have been wanting to take for a while now.  It’s just a pretty site every day that I drive by it…







Some of the things that I have been putting off have finally been getting done….. thank goodness!


  1. Oil change.
  2. tire rotation


Here is what I am going to do this weekend:

  1. clean out closet
  2. organize bathroom
  3. organize pantry


I really do love to clean!  Strange, I know. 



I am also searching out a couple of new recipes that I want to try out and precook for the week.  I really do find that I like doing that and I love leftovers, so it’s a win/win. 


Short and sweet today!   I hope you have a wonderful day!!  Winking smile


Before I go, I wanted to share something that I read in my devotion this morning….


You are on the path of My choosing.  There is no randomness about your life.


I love this.   When I share some of the goals that I have for myself, I will go into more depth with this. 


6 responses to “May 1st, Really?

  1. Nikki says:

    YAY! Everything is looking so green 🙂 Love it!

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the first pictures of spring after everything has bloomed! 🙂

  3. great pictures and yummy looking salad!! 🙂 i feel like i’ve been out of the blog world for so long – it’s good to be back! 🙂

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