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on May 29, 2013

Morning!  How in the world is it Wednesday?  I mean, it was just Monday.  It was just last Friday!  I had a busy day yesterday, but I got a lot accomplished!  And yes, one of them was finally watching a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey.  Holy cow, how I have I not watched this show??  I really want to be british, drink hot tea and eat scones.  I really like it so far! 





I had an appointment in Little Rock yesterday but headed in early so that I could go by Barnes and Noble to check out the books.  Another place that I could stay all day.  I wanted to find a good book that I could take to the beach next week. 

Next week!!! 

Holy goodness I am going to the beach!!!


Anyway, back to books….I ended up picking up the devotional book that goes along with Lysa Terkeurst’s book Made to Crave



I really really love this book and can’t wait to start the other!


I also ordered a couple of books written by Beth Redman and can’t wait to get those in too!






I have a half day at work today and then I will head to an orthodontist appointment.  Goodness!  All these appointments!  I don’t really want to head home and then come back, so I think that I may find something super cool to do in between.  Fresh Market and Whole Foods is nearby.  I may even find another book store.  There’s also this coffee shop by Whole Foods that I want to check out.  Panera bread is also nearby and that is one of my favorite places.  Just not sure yet! 

After my teeth get tortured, I am going to come on home and chill out, well….not exactly.  I need to mow the yard so I am going to do that.  It’s bad people.  Really bad.  I don’t mind it though.  I actually love to do things like that when I have the time. 


We are also having our children’s program at church tonight and then some homemade ice cream!!





Taking Risks:


Do you ever not do something because you think that you might be bad at it?  Do you hold yourself back because you are afraid of what others may think?  Ugh, it’s a horrible feeling to put so many limits on yourself, but I was quickly reminded yesterday that taking risks is something beautiful and Godly.  I really do believe that He empowers us to take risks.  Within a responsible reason of course, but I think He loves it when we take risks for Him.  We step out in faith.  As scripture says, “we get beside ourselves!”

When we step out in faith, we allow His glory to be shown.  Because it’s really all about Him anyway. 

When we step out in faith, our strength and character is also shown. 

When we step out in faith, we have the potential to change someone’s life.


Even if it’s something simple like taking a dance class or deciding to go on a mission trip.  If it requires just a smidge of courage and the act of stepping out of your box, then it’s a risk.  Taking risks might just require the spotlight to be on you too…. This is a risk in itself!  I don’t mind being the cut-up and making people laugh………… a group.  Winking smile 


Don’t let bad experiences keep you from taking risks.  I mean some hurts can go so deep that you limit yourself from life.  This only buries the strength that you have to take that risk. 


So.  I am going to take risks.  Good ones.  Ones that make me a stronger person.  Pure ones.  Ones that build my character and along the way help build someone else’s. 




Question:   What risks are you thinking about taking lately??



Have a great day!  Smile


4 responses to “Risks

  1. chasingchels says:

    I have stopped myself so often from taking risks because i was afraid of failure/that i would look like an idiot if i did it. Signing up for the marathon was big for me; i know that i can do it, but i also know that there’s a chance i won’t be able to for whatever reason (injury, illness, just not my day, etc), which is really scary to me. I’m tired of letting that fear stop me, though, so I’m going after this and a whole lot more 🙂

  2. oh my goodness i LOVE downton abbey! i didn’t realize other ppl watched it! i thought it was just this old show i stumbled across on netflix – so excited to hear other ppl are obsessed as well! i need to find a way to watch season 3 – i watched the first season on netflix and the second on hulu… i know they’re coming out with the fourth so i just need to get caught up on the third 🙂

    • I read the other day that Amazon bought the rights to DA and starting in July Netflix will no longer show it. Season 1 and 2 are already on Amazon… I think you have to be a Prime customer.
      I really do love it though! I am surprised I waited so long to watch it!

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