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Sunday=French Toast

Morning my friends!   Happy Sunday to you!   I don’t know about you, but I have zero planned today.  Besides church, I am just going to spend lots of time relaxing.  I might go for a drive, but other than that……nothing and I kinda like it that way.  My body feels like it’s been in “flight or fight” mode for a few days now.  So my body and my overall wellbeing will be glad for the rest today.  This, my friends, will be the challenge.  I don’t really like to set still.  There is always something that needs to be done.  What I need to figure out is; what can wait and what can’t

A lot of times however, my mind just rolls and rolls.  It is always thinking of things that I need to do.  Short term and long term.  Next week one of the employees I work with is on vacation and already my mind is thinking about how the week is going to be.  It’s the first and lots of people come to the bank and therefore……it’s busy. 

Two good things…..I get off work at 11 Tuesday and we are closed Thursday!!   So really it’s going to be a great week! 



This morning when I got up, I decided that I wanted some French toast….  I hadn’t had it in a while and thought that I would make some.








  • 2 slices of nutty grain bread
  • 2 eggs
  • and just a bit of almond milk









It really hit the spot!



I hope you have a great Sunday!  Smile

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What’s for dinner?

How’s your afternoon going?  Mine?  It’s been a whirlwind of a day!   I was texting a friend until after midnight last night so I ended up getting into bed pretty late.  For some reason though I just woke up at 6!  I had a lot to do today, so I just got my day started. 


  • Mow the yard
  • get groceries
  • clean my friends house
  • clean out the fridge (this was not originally on my list, but it needed to be done)
  • laundry
  • run


Doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it’s filled my day.  Once I got up and enjoyed my coffee, I got right to my workout.  Run run run.  After this, I made the best smoothie!  I am out of frozen bananas so I found some blueberries to put in there.






Once I had the smoothie down, I showered, changed and headed into town to clean my friends house.  After that, I hit the grocery store for some goodies.  While I was there I picked up a Febreeze Gain scented candle, but accidently left it there.  Eeeek!  I also forgot to pick up some laundry detergent and as you can see on my list, laundry had to be done.  So my plan was to mow the yard and then head back into town to pick up the left behind items. 

Mowing the yard. 

The weather today was actually really pretty great.  Yes, it was hot, but the humidity was mild.  So instead of having to split the mowing time up, I was able to finish it all at the same time.  Well, sort of.  There was a small section that I didn’t finish due to really needing some water. 

This took about 2 hours. 


The crazy thing is.  I have been starving for the rest of the day!  I made a chicken salad and literally scarfed down a sandwich! 


I got the things that I needed at the store and have been home ever since.  Laundry is just about done and dinner has been eaten… Smile




Albacore Tuna patty and green beans.


  • 1 large bag of albacore tuna
  • 2 egg whites
  • dash of Cheyenne pepper
  • bit of salt
  • bread crumbs









Now?  I am just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day….. there isn’t much left of it, but that’s ok.  It’s been a good day!





I hope you have had a great Saturday!  I would have loved to have gone hiking or spent the day on the water, but sometimes you have to wash the clothes and mow the yard.  Smile



How have you spent your Saturday???

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Confidence Boosters

Morning!   It’s Friday!!  Yay!  I’m going to go ahead and apologize for any typo’s that might be in this post because I just finished up my Pump workout and my arms literally have a mind of their own right now.  Lol!  You don’t want to know how many times I have hit the backspace key just typing the first sentence!


I really, really love doing Pump as my workout!


I thought that I would break it down for you….  What I did today was the Pump and Flow.  It’s a 30 minute workout that hits every body part.


  • Warm-up (dead-lifts, rows, and squats)
  • Legs (squats, squats, squats)
  • arms.  You are on your back the entire set and there are lots of lifts.  There are 4/4 counts, 3/1 counts, 2/2 counts and then singles.  You repeat twice and end it up with a long set of singles.
  • Back.  Three words.  Clean and Press.  Smile  You also have lots of deadlift rows here.
  • Abs.  You end the DVD with a nice little ab workout. 
  • Cool-down.  I like this cool-down a lot.  It makes my lower back feel really good!




Last night bible study was wonderful as always.  I can’t say enough the ladies that I worship with.  They truly are amazing and I learn so much from them.  Mrs. Jeanine, I know you are reading this and I just want you to know that I love you very much.  You are an amazing woman, friend and mother.  You really are.  I have cherished our talks and the laughs that we have had!  You are such a great lady!


Ok, I just tried to take a sip of coffee and my arm shook the whole time!!  Lol!  But I wanted to share it with you!!



20 Confidence Boosters:  (For Women)


  1. Receiving a compliment from a friend.
  2. Having a good hair day.
  3. Looking great in a photo
  4. Really smooth legs
  5. A fabulous nights sleep
  6. Cuddling
  7. Hearing “I love you”
  8. Coming home from vacation with a golden glow
  9. Being on the receiving end of a strangers smile
  10. New knickers
  11. Being told you look young
  12. A friend asking “Where di you get that?”
  13. Finding the perfect outfit
  14. A child saying you look pretty
  15. Waking up pimple free
  16. Wearing an outfit that reveals your favorite body part
  17. Freshly tweezed eyebrows
  18. A brand new manicure
  19. Getting asked out on a date
  20. A perfect make-up job



Number 5.  Yes please.  Smile


I also think a good run can boost your confidence!  Heck, even a bad run!











I hope you have a fabulous Friday! Smile



Question:   Are there any other confidence boosters that you would add to the list??

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Just a few things….

So it’s been a busy week……..let’s just say it…’s been a busy summer so far!   Most days I run out of daylight with all the things that I need to (or want to) accomplish.    This morning I have been fluttering around the kitchen baking for a Women’s Bible study that I am going to tonight.  It was my turn to make something for the ladies, so I got busy this morning!  It’s not that I forgot to make it last night, but when I went to bed, I still had no idea what I was going to make.  Agh!

I ending up making two things.


I know, I know, I’m and overachiever.






Chocolate chip cookies and some Peanut butter bars (recipes to come!)


Holy cow it smells so good in the house right now!


I mainly chose these because they were quick and simple.



I have a full day of work and then I will head on over to our pastors house for the study.  After that, I will head home and get my workout in.  Hey, sometimes you get them in when ya can!



Okay, am I the only one that loves the show American Baking Competition??   I love this show!!  I will be so disappointed when it ends!  I have DVR’d every episode and I think that I will keep them.  I will. 


In some other exciting news, I finally upgraded to the IPhone 4G.  I know, there about to come out with the 6 and I am just now getting the 4.  What can I say, it was free.  

I can’t believe how awesome it is!  The picture quality alone is worth the upgrade. 


I can’t remember if I told you or not, but I started running again.  I am actually pretty excited about it.  On the days that I am supposed to do a brisk walk, I end up running.  I have really missed it.  But I also know how much my IT band can take.  So, I try to keep it at a pace that it doesn’t flare up.


As I said earlier, it’s been a busy summer so far.  And to be honest, that was a goal of mine.  I mean not busy myself where I get crazy, but busy myself with cool activities, hanging out with friends, baking, going camping, hiking…things like that. 

I am looking forward to all that I want to do!!



Well, I am about to be officially late for work if I keep typing….. Winking smile


I hope you  have a great Thursday!! 


Bake With Me Tuesday!




Reeses Pieces Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies


  • 1 stick of unsalted butter softened
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of light brown sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp of baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup of chocolate chunks
  • 1 cup of mini Reeses Pieces


  1. Set oven at 350 and line your baking sheet with parchment paper
  2. Combine butter and both sugars and crème until well combined
  3. Add egg and vanilla and combine well
  4. Slowly add flour, cocoa powder, salt, baking soda
  5. Lastly add the chocolate chunks and mini Reeses Pieces
  6. Scoop dough onto baking sheet about 1 inch apart
  7. Bake for 10-12 minutes




Recipe from Picky Palate





















Enjoy! Smile


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