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Cleaning out the Pictures

on June 2, 2013

Morning!  How are you this Sunday morning?  Did you have a good weekend?  I hope so Smile


I am drinking my first cup of coffee this morning and it’s the best thing in the world right now!  I am still feeling a bit tired from all of the running around, but after today I will only have a 4-day work week and then it’s off to the beach! 

I was cleaning out the pictures on my phone and camera and wanted to share some of the happenings…




Holy cow… Something super cool just happened on Downton Abbey and now I can’t see the screen to type this!!






My trip to the Orthodontist….  and Panera Bread



New favorite snack…. 




Bowling with my church family!





The kind of love our souls crave will never be found in the things of this world. Lasting, satisfying love will only be found when we stop chasing others or possessions, and thirst for the things of God.


When we obsess over things out of our control, it makes us act out of control. A much better place to park our minds is to look for God’s protection, provision, and lessons on perseverance in the midst of whatever we’re facing.


I desperately need God’s Truth to bump into my weaknesses every single day. Only then can I get out of the shadow of doubt and into the life-giving reality of who God has made me to be.


Our vulnerable places remind us we have needs beyond what we can manage. They remind us we need God. Desperately. Completely.
And into that gap between what we can manage on our own and what we can’t, that’s right where faith steps in and has the opportunity to find deep roots. Roots that dig down and break up previously unearthed places within us.



What do you do when you feel as though God isn’t hearing your cries for help? Or, worse yet, He’s saying no?
It hasn’t been easy, and God has had to remind me several times, but here’s what I do know: God always hears me when I cry out to Him, and when He says no, it’s for my provision, my protection, and it’s part of the process of growing me more like Christ


These are some quotes by Lysa Terkeurst and I just wanted to share them. 



I hope you have a great day! 


2 responses to “Cleaning out the Pictures

  1. Mmm Luna bars rock! Glad you enjoyed bowling 🙂

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