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You can workout anywhere…right?

on June 20, 2013

Who say’s you can’t work out at work??   Yesterday I knew that I was going to be pressed for time so I brought my core workout with me and did it while I was on my lunch break.   Of course my fellow co-workers were so supportive….. Winking smile

It’s only a 20 minute workout, but man is it tough!  Well, to me anyway.


I can’t say this enough, but I really love how working out makes me feel.  Not too long ago I didn’t feel that way.  I was working out just for the sake of working out not really caring what the result was.  On top of dealing with life, I actually took a long break from doing any form of working out.  Even walking on the treadmill seemed like a chore to me.  At the time that is.  Just like there are ups and downs in life’s journey, there are also ups and downs when it comes to exercise.

I go thru periods where just the thought of getting out of bed to workout seems so daunting to me.

And then there are days that I hit the floor running!

I used to get really stressed out when I would miss a workout or even think about skipping one.  Now?  Not so much.  I really try very hard to listen to my  body and what it’s telling me and sometimes it’s telling me that I need rest.

What I eat can also play a factor in how I perform in my workout.  Too much sugary foods or not enough food will leave me dragging after a workout or even not finishing one.   Not getting in enough water will have the same affect.


In my little journey, I have noticed that changing up my workouts can also be a good thing.  Our bodies adapt to anything pretty quickly and so it’s not any different when it comes to exercise.  Running, biking, aerobics, you name it…I’ve done it.  I am a big fan of Jillian Michaels workouts because I have had great results with them, but right now I am still very much enjoying the Pump workouts.  Challenging in their own right, it changes from day to day and I love that.  You can tell by the design of the DVD’s that they were thinking about this too!



Last night I experienced a new restaurant here in Little Rock….. Well, it’s not new…… but it is new to me!



H.O.L.Y C.O.W.   Is all that I am going to say.





I have never been to a place like this before so I got the run down from a couple of co-workers who had.


First, you get seated.

Second, you get a shiny silver bowl with the other little dipping bowl attached to it.

Third, you get in line to build your bowl.

Fourth, you pick all of the meats and veggies that you want in your bowl.

Fifth, you take a number.

Sixth, they cook it.

Seventh, you eat!















My build:

  • chicken
  • brown rice
  • two eggs
  • cabbage
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • edamame/black beans/garbanzo beans
  • spinach
  • and a few red potatoes
  • honey soy sauce


Oh my word this was so good!  I will definitely go to this place again!




I also enjoyed a Raspberry Margarita.  So good…






So, run to the nearest Mongolian place in your neighborhood and check it out!



Have you guys ever had Mongolian food before?  If so, what did you think?


Have a great day!!


4 responses to “You can workout anywhere…right?

  1. Great job getting in a workout even though you were pressed for time. There is always time to workout.
    Love restaurants like that. We have a bunch in Spokane and they are fab!

  2. That sounds like an awesome restaurant!! Also, I go through phases with working out. Right now…no motivation at all, but that’s ok because soon enough I’ll have a lot!

  3. That raspberry margarita looks yummmy 😉 And what eat def affects my workouts, like a TON – if i eat sugary foods, forget it – I’ll need a nap and there’s no way I’ll survive a run!

  4. Oh my word that place look sso good! We have FlatTop Grill here that is similar to that, it is absolutely delicous!

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