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A Refresher!

on June 24, 2013

Morning Everyone!  I hope that you are wide awake this morning and ready to start your Monday!   I kind of took a bit of a break to just enjoy the last few days and enjoy some blog reading.  I also cleaned up my “favorites” list on my computer as well. 

I am not sure what my problem was yesterday, but I woke up and just didn’t feel all that great.  I have been running and running and busying myself with life that I actually just felt really exhausted.  I chose to stay in bed and just sleep.  Something I have been doing without lately.  Later in the afternoon I drove over to Benton to Target to look around.  When I left, I realized that I had not had lunch yet so I drove over to Starbucks to get the Artisan breakfast sandwich and this lovely drink…



Lime Refresher Smile


While I was in Benton, I thought that I would stop by and see an old friend of mine.  I met her and her husband when she went on a mission trip with me.  Her name is Mrs. Pat and she is a doll of a lady.  At first they didn’t recognize me, but it had been a while.  It was a nice visit and I was glad that I stopped by to see them.


I headed back to home so that I could make it for our Sunday night service.  I was so glad that I did because I was able to listen to my niece and nephew talk about the mission trip they just came home from.  I’ll have to admit, it made me cry.  They are getting so big and so is their love for Christ. 

For some reason however, I left church with a massive headache.  I think that it could have been the 5 mile run that I did earlier in the day…………….in the heat.  It kind of drained me!



I was also pretty excited to pick some of this up yesterday too!




I have also done some baking in the last few days….  Saturday morning I got up really early so that I could bake these…




Recipe to come later!!


I had to work Saturday, but once I got off work I met a good friend of mine for some girl time.  I love this woman…. Her name is Jeanine and she is an amazing women, mom, friend…  She’s great.  We hung out and eventually made our way to Chili’s. 


The said cookies above were taken to a friend of mine while he was at work…. it was worth driving them to him even though It was just a drive by.  Winking smile 


On my way home I stopped by my bosses house to visit for a bit and his daughter just couldn’t get enough of me for some reason.  The last time that I saw her was at the branch and she didn’t want to have anything to do with me!  My boss and I figure that it was probably because she was much more comfortable at her home.



Isn’t she a doll???!!



For some reason she wanted to go thru my purse…. She was all up in my business!





My bosses wife also made me some dinner!



I can’t remember the name of these things, but does it really matter?  Holy Moses they were good!  They were filled with chicken and some other awesome stuff and they had a crunch edge…. good good good.





Aren’t these beautiful??



What’s on the agenda today??  Well, I am headed to work in a bit and then I am not sure.  I have already done my workout for today (which felt amazing by the way… arms are still shaky!) and so when I get off at 5:00 it’s up in the air!


I hope you have a wonderful day! Smile


2 responses to “A Refresher!

  1. chasingchels says:

    I think staying in bed and catching up on rest sounds amazing!! I would love to be able to do that, but I’m still stuck in the “when I’m up, I’m up” phase. I did take a nap yesterday afternoon, though, for almost two hours, so that was nice 😛 Have a great Monday love!!

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