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Confidence Boosters

on June 28, 2013

Morning!   It’s Friday!!  Yay!  I’m going to go ahead and apologize for any typo’s that might be in this post because I just finished up my Pump workout and my arms literally have a mind of their own right now.  Lol!  You don’t want to know how many times I have hit the backspace key just typing the first sentence!


I really, really love doing Pump as my workout!


I thought that I would break it down for you….  What I did today was the Pump and Flow.  It’s a 30 minute workout that hits every body part.


  • Warm-up (dead-lifts, rows, and squats)
  • Legs (squats, squats, squats)
  • arms.  You are on your back the entire set and there are lots of lifts.  There are 4/4 counts, 3/1 counts, 2/2 counts and then singles.  You repeat twice and end it up with a long set of singles.
  • Back.  Three words.  Clean and Press.  Smile  You also have lots of deadlift rows here.
  • Abs.  You end the DVD with a nice little ab workout. 
  • Cool-down.  I like this cool-down a lot.  It makes my lower back feel really good!




Last night bible study was wonderful as always.  I can’t say enough the ladies that I worship with.  They truly are amazing and I learn so much from them.  Mrs. Jeanine, I know you are reading this and I just want you to know that I love you very much.  You are an amazing woman, friend and mother.  You really are.  I have cherished our talks and the laughs that we have had!  You are such a great lady!


Ok, I just tried to take a sip of coffee and my arm shook the whole time!!  Lol!  But I wanted to share it with you!!



20 Confidence Boosters:  (For Women)


  1. Receiving a compliment from a friend.
  2. Having a good hair day.
  3. Looking great in a photo
  4. Really smooth legs
  5. A fabulous nights sleep
  6. Cuddling
  7. Hearing “I love you”
  8. Coming home from vacation with a golden glow
  9. Being on the receiving end of a strangers smile
  10. New knickers
  11. Being told you look young
  12. A friend asking “Where di you get that?”
  13. Finding the perfect outfit
  14. A child saying you look pretty
  15. Waking up pimple free
  16. Wearing an outfit that reveals your favorite body part
  17. Freshly tweezed eyebrows
  18. A brand new manicure
  19. Getting asked out on a date
  20. A perfect make-up job



Number 5.  Yes please.  Smile


I also think a good run can boost your confidence!  Heck, even a bad run!











I hope you have a fabulous Friday! Smile



Question:   Are there any other confidence boosters that you would add to the list??


One response to “Confidence Boosters

  1. Those 20 are pretty spot on! Great list 🙂

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