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When your lifestyle is annoying to someone else.

on July 3, 2013

I’m setting here looking at a blank screen this morning thinking, “what do I type?”  Nothing comes to mind.  Nothing.  Does that ever happen to you?  I feel like there is so much going on in my head and yet nothing wants to come out.  Crazy scatter brained. 

I think it’s time to do something outside.  Take in some fresh air.  Go for a hike.  Even if it’s by myself. 

We are closed tomorrow and my plan is to get up really early and go for a hike.  I work until 6:00 tonight, but when I get home I will be packing my backpack up and getting it all ready.  Smile


Let’s take some deep breaths shall we.








Feel better?


Accepting myself the way that I am has always been kind of a struggle for me, but my focus is to believe that what I do and how I live is normal……for me.  It is a normal thing for me to get up early (5:00 a.m.) and actually enjoy doing it.  Even if I have nothing planned, I still like to get up and start my day early.  This is normal.  For me. 

One of the things that I like to do and is normal to me is to talk to others about eating right and a healthy lifestyle.  I don’t always make the best choices, but I try to let others know that it’s still a journey for me too. 

Learning is the key.  It’s active.  It’s ongoing.  It’s in constant motion.  It’s in the process of. 

Because it’s in the learning that you realize it will either work for you, or it won’t. 

I was recently told that all of the “healthy talk” that I do might actually be annoying.  Really?  How can it be??! 

I don’t always make the best choices, but I try to and I do get ribbed about some of the stuff that I eat, but I just take it with a grain of salt (sort of).  I’ve never actually had anyone tell me that it could be annoying to hear.  Again, I ask…..Really?

For a moment, the comment kind of stung.  But just for a moment. 


Have you ever been criticized for healthy living? 


This is my normal.  I like to run.  Workout.  Eat healthy.  Bake cookies.  Indulge. 








Have a great day!


8 responses to “When your lifestyle is annoying to someone else.

  1. My family finds my healthy lifestyle habits to be really annoying. Granted, sometimes I am pretty specific of what I’ll order at a restaurant; however, it’s my body and I want to choose what goes in – you know? I also hate to be ridiculed for working out ‘too much’. What is too much for one doesn’t constitute it being too much for another. Okay. Rant done 🙂 I’m Diane by the way! Just stumbled across your blog!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Diane! Love the rant by the way. I feel the same way! I agree, too much for one may not be too much for another. It’s really about the journey and I love sharing it with people! 🙂

  2. Being true to yourself and feeling comfortable with who you are is so challenging but so rewarding at the same time 🙂

  3. chasingchels says:

    Good for you, love! I’m happy that you’re embracing yourself and find yourself comfortable enough to talk about what you do and think about your life 🙂 That’s something I’ve struggled with for awhile but have definitely been getting better at! I’ve been called crazy for all the running I do…I went out to dinner with my guy friends on Saturday with kat and mentioned that I was running a full marathon in Erie and they just stared at me until finally asking, “Why in the world are you doing that? That’s insane” I just smiled, said I loved it, and continued to eat. I’ve had some comments over the years about how I eat “so healthy” too, but I’ve started to brush those off and say I eat what I like and want and leave it at that!

    • You know, I still struggle with it too. I have often avoided talking about it just because I didn’t want to be judged about it. Ironically, it was a guy that I had gone out on a date with. He just found all of the healthy talk….annoying. Well, if we were in a relationship it would be annoying. Because I love to talk about it, I was completely dumb-founded that it would be that way to him! lol! In his defense though, it’s not for everyone. 😉

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