Faith Fitness and Laughter


on July 9, 2013

Good Morning my friends Smile    For some awesome reason I was asleep by 9:30 last night and woke right up at 4:45 this morning.  I would have loved to have slept until 5:30 or so, but my body wouldn’t let me dot that.  Sometimes you just got to get up!

So I’m up.


About to do my workout and get some breakfast in me. 


In the midst of this awesome summer, I have been thinking about seasons lately.  Not the kind of seasons that come with hot, humid weather.  Or, beautiful one of a kind snow flakes.  Or even orange and red leaves that fall.  I am talking about seasons of life.  We have them.  There is a time for everything and going through a season in your life is one of them, but they are all not bad.  They can actually be beautiful.





Seasons can dictate what we eat, how we dress, what our focus is on, our moods, and what activities we partake in. 


Just like the four seasons that we have; Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.  We go through similar types of seasons.


What do you associate Winter with?  Cold, dark days, the need to curl up into bed with a good book and sometimes just be.

What about Spring?  Things start to bloom and there is newness.  There is a desire to cultivate and grow.  A desire to do something new!

Summer?  Things come to life in the sun.  There is movement and a bigger desire to get out and do things.  And to continue to grow.  There is also a desire to be still, to pause and reflect so to speak.  To relax and enjoy your surroundings.

Fall/Autumn?    What do you think of during the Fall months?  Harvest.  This season can be filled with anticipation, thanksgiving, celebration. It’s a time for both beginning and endings.  Being diligent in the other seasons can also have an effect on what you reap in this season.  


I have been thinking about what season that I am in right now.  Yes, it’s Summer, but am I in a desire to want to grow?  I would like to think so, but I’m still a bit unsure.  I have a sense of restlessness about me and I am not sure if it’s the desire to grow or a desire to forget. 

This blog for instance.  I love the blogging world and what it’s brought into my life, including the people.  But, it’s also brought on some negative things.  Things that I have always struggled with seem to be bigger.  Insecurities, fear, image, guilt, the need to please.  I’m not saying that my blog has caused this, but it’s a big part of it. 

I really hope that I’m not alone in that.


So, I am trying to figure out what season I am in.  I want to embrace the season that I am in because I know that no matter which one, it will be beautiful because our seasons prepare us for something bigger and greater. 






What season do you think that you are in right now?


6 responses to “Seasons

  1. my life feels like spring with so much newness and possibility!!!

    I have been struggling to sleep lately, and I think it’s catching up to me!

  2. chasingchels says:

    I have come to some similar realizations about myself and blogging, love. As much as I love it and love the community and relationships I’ve formed, it definitely has a downside with the comparison trap and making me think about stuff that I would never have given an iota of time to unless someone had mentioned it on their blog. So I’ve been taking a step back, posting about running and giving a life update once a week or so, but that’s about it. And it’s probably going to stay that way for awhile. I don’t want to lose the connections I’ve made, but I don’t like some of the stuff that has popped up in my life either. It’s too easy for me to get caught up in the comparison trap and whatnot, and blogging really brings that out sometimes…just not something I want in my life right now, so for now, I’ll still be around but not as visible. In the end, I think you (and me and everyone else) needs to follow your/mine/their hearts and do what’s best for you/me/them. If that means blogging with regularity, great! Your blog is wonderful and we love it 🙂 But if that means a step back for a bit, that’s great too. This is YOUR life and you need to do what you feel you need to do…and we’ll be here no matter what you decide 🙂

    • Thank you my sweet friend 🙂 It has been something that I have been thinking about lately. Choosing certain days to post or stepping back all together. I don’t think that I will do the latter…. Your words here are exactly why I follow you my dear friend! 🙂

  3. Great post Brandi. I would say that I am either in spring or summer right. I have lots of exciting things on the horizon right now. Loving life. 🙂

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