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My nights and days

on August 6, 2013

After an afternoon of appointments and mowing the yard, I was beat by 7:45 last night!  I chose to sleep in yesterday morning and opted for my workout in the afternoon as well.  I have a run scheduled for in the morning, so I have my running gear all laid out!

Do you do that?  Lay your clothes out for the next day?  I do.  Here’s the thing.  I am so time conscientious it’s not even funny.  Just ask my co-workers and family……and friends.  Lol!  The night before I get my meals all ready for the next day, what I can anyway, and I get my clothes laid out as well.  Even my workout clothes. 


Here’s a step by step of what my night and morning looks like:


1.  If I know that I am going to workout in the morning, I get my mixer ready for my smoothie and I also prepare my lunch/snacks ready for the next day.

2. Lay out my clothes for the next day

If I run:

  • running shorts or capris
  • IPhone/IPod
  • shoes
  • socks
  • tank top
  • sports bra




 If I am strength training:

  • shoes
  • socks
  • tank top
  • shorts
  • sports bra
  • Pump equipment; barbell and weights


I also get my work clothes ready for the next day as well. 


3.  I get a cup with a straw in it and my coffee cup ready for the morning.  I start my morning off with some nice cold water!

4.  If I don’t have plans, I usually just read or watch a little tv before going onto bed.

5.  I really like to do my devotions in the morning.  It doesn’t always happen that way, but I like to do that.  Currently I am following Colossians over at She Reads Truth.

6.  As I drink my first cup of coffee I then blog a bit and catch up on some of the headlines. 

7.  It’s then at this time that I get my workout in!




8.  Shower

9.  Smoothie




10.  Finish up and head out the door!


Before I step out the door, I make an effort to think about how I would like to encourage that day.  Even if it’s just a “hello”.   You just never know what someone is dealing with or going through and a simple hello could make all the difference.  I know it has in my life. 








I think that I put Cayenne pepper on everything!





Whatever you do today, make it a good day.  Make the most of every moment that you are given.  You are not promised another moment. 


Smell the roses

Say hello to a stranger

If you like someone, tell them

If you love someone, tell them that too

Take your shoes off and go barefoot

Enjoy the outside

Enjoy the inside

Give someone a hug

Laugh out loud

Lend a hand

Eat something new

Love yourself


Have a wonderful day gang!


2 responses to “My nights and days

  1. chasingchels says:

    If I know I’m running in the morning, I’ll sleep in my running clothes so that it’s one less thing I have to worry about haha. And if I’m running after work, I’ll wear the top that I plan to run in so all I have to do is put on my shorts quick while the boys are sleeping. Perk of working with kids 😛 I always make my lunch the night before, too. Little things make a huge difference in the morning so I like to be as prepared as possible haha 🙂

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