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Sleeping habits

on August 10, 2013




I don’t know about you, but I wish that I was here. 

It’s the end of a long week at work, not bad, just a very busy last couple of weeks.  I have to go into work this morning, but only until noon.  No plans at all




The last few nights I haven’t gotten much sleep.  I am not really sure why, but I haven’t slept right through the night.  I have been waking up at like 11:30 or 1:15 and can’t really go back to sleep right away.  This is starting to have an affect on me. 

I don’t really have anything on my mind or am worried about anything. 

The only thing that I can think of is that my boss has been on vacation this past week and will be this coming week and I really want to do a good job while at work.  It’s been pretty busy and I really want to be productive and work on the goals that we have to meet. 

This really is the only thing that I can think of that might have something to do with the fact that my sleep is a bit off. 


When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, it’s not just about food and exercise.  It’s also about wellbeing and good sleep is part of that. 

Sleep can affect:

  • weight
  • how your body functions
  • attitude
  • mental health
  • focus
  • memory


There is nothing like getting a good nights sleep and feeling amazing the next day.  You’re able to focus on things and be alert.  When I don’t get enough sleep, this does not happen. 

Too little sleep can have an affect on everything!

  • boost blood pressure
  • trigger depression
  • increases appetite
  • jack up your workout routine
  • increase your risk of Diabetes type 2
  • your mood


I normally get into bed around 9:30 or 10, mostly 9:30, because I usually get up around 5:00.  This allows me to get my devotion time in, my workouts in before work, and a good quality breakfast.  This week however, my workouts have seemed a big off.  Oh I have enjoyed doing them and felt great, but this morning I feel pretty tired and stiff.  I also feel pretty tight across my shoulders. 

Here are some things that might affect your sleep:

  • not enough exercise
  • too much coffee (guilty)
  • too tense
  • watching something scary before bed
  • you don’t nap
  • you’re on your period
  • the temperature
  • not being social
  • you’re worried about things


So my goal this weekend is to figure out what might be off, get rid of or adjust, so that I can get better quality sleep!!






Well I am off to get ready for work!  I hope you have a great Saturday!


6 responses to “Sleeping habits

  1. Shawn says:

    Hope you sleep better! Thanks for the post, I really need it because I sleep way too little. I just wake up too early, eager to get the day started even though I haven’t had a full nights sleep. *sigh* Bad habits are so hard to get rid of.

  2. Diahann Stallman says:

    That beach picture above will be your reality in October I PROMISE:) hope you can get better sleep 🙂 love ya and miss you very very very very very very very much! Oh and You will do just fine at work you always have:)

  3. Diahann Stallman says:

    Sure we can stay at the beach the whole time even tho it’s gonna be cold you can get sick and then you’ll be forced to stay longer until u get better!! Sounds like a great plan to me:) you know we do have banks here who need management especially chase bank! (Hint hint) lol

    • Lol! I would totally get sick just so that I could stay longer and not be able to fly home!! 🙂 We would have to spend all day watching How I Met Your Mother 🙂
      Lol, I hear ya…. 🙂 I miss having someone close to run around with.

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