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Life is

on August 15, 2013

Hey there!  I was so excited when I realized that today was Thursday.  I am meeting some friends after work tonight and then tomorrow is Friday!  Oh yeah, and I am off Saturday!  I realized while I was at work yesterday that I really need a day off.  A day just to roam the land… oh wait, I can’t do that here.  Lol!  I would like a day where I didn’t have anything pressing.  No laundry, no dishes, no lawn to mow, no appointments.  Just a day.  A day of sunshine and fresh air.  Speaking of sunshine and fresh air, the weather yesterday here in Arkansas was amazing! The high was like 82 and there was very little humidity.  I can’t believe we are having this kind of weather this early.  It makes me smile smile smile. 


Lately I have been craving tons of sugar and I am not sure why.  The combination of not sleeping all that great and sugar cravings has me thinking that it might be a bit of stress or my serotonin could be off.  Hence the above paragraph. 

So what do you guys do when you start to crave sugar??







Life is:


Life is waiting on you. 

This is what someone said the other day.  It wasn’t in a conversation or anything, but I did hear it. 

How true is that? 


Definition of Life:

the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual

How true is that!  So many times we can get caught up in how someone else’s life looks.  What they have.  What they wear.  How they act.  And we can forget that we are our own person.  Someone with unique gifts and talents that no one else carries.  Another thing that we forget is that everyone is human.  Just because someone may seem to have it all together doesn’t mean they do.  They might have hurts that run deep.  They could be hiding something that to them might just be horrific.  There could be an addiction.  Something. 

You see, we are not perfect and we are all on a journey. 

Do they look different?  You bet.

In the midst of these journey’s we might deal with something really really difficult.  We might not even have anyone to turn to or more than enough help and not want to take advantage of it. 


sequence of physical and mental experiences

So how do you want your life to look?

Are you just existing or are you actually living your life?


The refining moments that we go through make us who we are.  Make us the person that God intended us to be.  Do I think that we bring things on ourselves, sure, but even in that He can make things right again.  You are loved my sweet friends.  Even in the midst of whatever you deal with. 


Live your own life

Let no one dictate how you are going to live it

You are stronger than you think you are

Take a deep breath

Do random acts of kindness

Make each moment count

Have a pajama day and don’t feel guilty about it

Smile at yourself




I hope you guys have a wonderful day!




8 responses to “Life is

  1. Gail Thomas says:

    Yes indeed! We are on our journey whether we realize it or not! I am 58, away from my kids and Grandkids for the first time, and realizing how MANY things I still want to do! My problem is I start two or three, then think of something else..not enough time in the day! :0
    Seeking the Lords direction, because I know he has things for us to do, not always in our plan!
    And yes as you said, Nobody has a perfect life, it may look like it on the outside..but get a little closer..we all need compassion and understanding and encouraqgement..and to be accepted for who we are!
    Enjoy your posts, Thank you!

  2. chasingchels says:

    That last pin is one of my favorite quotes and something I try to remember each day. This is a beautiful reminder, love. It’s so easy to get caught up in what we think we should be doing/judge others for their actions….and that isn’t right or fair. We have no idea what’s going on in someone’s life. All we can really do is our best to live our life whatever way we feel called. No more no less. I hope you have a wonderful day, hun!

    • It’s one of my favorites too…:) I saw someone last night that used to have this smile on his face all of the time. You know the ones…they eyes light when they smile…. Anyway, I saw him last night and he didn’t have that smile. Made me sad really. I hope you had a wonderful day too girly!

  3. Shawn says:

    I love how a lot of your posts send important messages. It’s all to easy to get caught up in the trivial details and forget to actually live.

    I’ve been getting serious sugar cravings too, pretty sure my lack of sleep is one of the culprits. Sometimes, fruit helps to get rid of the cravings, for me at least.

  4. Mmmm sugar is just so good! Love that donut quote haha. Hope you had fun with your friends! 🙂

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