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Not enough time in the day!

on August 30, 2013

Hey guys, sorry for the absence this week, but I just kind of needed a break.  Time has escaped me this week and I just haven’t had time to blog…..but, that’s ok.  I have said this before, but I think it’s important to be your own person when it comes to doing something like this and if you need to step back or don’t have time to do it, than don’t.

It’s kind of been a long week.  I haven’t gotten home until nearly 7 all week and without talking about work too much, there was an issue that needed to be dealt with and it just broke my heart into pieces. 


So this morning I am just simply enjoying some coffee and enjoying the moment of waking up.  It really is a beautiful thing.


My workouts have been a bit off this week too, but this is what my week has looked like:


  • Monday:   Pump and Burn/30 minutes
  • Tuesday:   Rest
  • Wednesday:  Pump Revolution/55 minutes (my arms are still like jello!)
  • Thursday:   60 minute walk (turned into a 20 minute walk)
  • Friday:   Pump and Shred/45 minutes
  • Saturday:   Pump and flow/20 minute abs
  •  Sunday:   60 minute walk/run



It’s funny, I was talking to my brother last night and we brought up the fact that we just can’t stay up late anymore.  He said, “welcome to middle age.”  Lol!  We joke about it now because we used to just stay up late watching movies or even meeting friends and staying out all night.  Those nights are really gone.




I am kind of excited about this weekend…’s a long one!  I don’t have any big plans, but I am glad to be off for the next three days.  It’s been super hot the last couple of weeks so spending a lot of time outside is out.  Especially in the middle of the day when the temp could very well be over 100.  Morning, yes.  After the sun goes down, yes. 


I was mainly popping in just to say hello and that I hope your week has been a great one!  Hopefully, things will get back to some sort of routine and I will be back to posting more. 


Don’t forget to be kind today. 


4 responses to “Not enough time in the day!

  1. Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! ♥

  2. Shawn says:

    Can’t wait for more posts, and have a great weekend!

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