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In my feelings

on September 6, 2013

Morning!    It’s Friday and I am sooooo happy about this.  Super happy.  Yesterday was just one of those days for me.  You know those days ladies…..where you are completely in your feelings.  I hope that I am not alone here.  The night before last I kind of didn’t sleep very well and felt pretty tired all day yesterday.  I have had some pretty hard workouts the last few days and when I went to bed Wednesday night my left hip, knee and ankle just seemed to ache.  Now I know the older I get the more these little pains are going to happen, but man it was pretty painful.  It even woke me up at 11:30 and it was probably 1:00 before I was able to go back to sleep. 

It made for a very long day yesterday.

For some reason though, I felt very in my feelings.  Like just one word from someone and the tears would have just flowed. 

Ever feel like that? 

Sometimes I am reminded that I am a big ole girl.





I was thinking about my best friend that I miss terribly and really just want to talk to face to face

I was thinking that when it comes to the church that I attend I have a big decision to make

I was thinking about work and how much I am so grateful to work for the company I work for, but that it could all change in an instant

I was thinking about a friend that has been just dealt a very bad hand and how much I want to help

I was thinking about how I just felt like I wanted to be by myself and couldn’t find a quiet place to be

I was thinking about old friends and how I wish things were different

I was thinking about how sometimes I just feel like the life has just been sucked out of me

I was thinking about some of the walls I have built up over the years

I was thinking about how scary it seems to give my heart to someone

I was just thinking…..





You see, thinking about things that are just not in my control can dictate how my emotions and feelings come out.  There are moments that all you are able to do is just cry out and that is ok. 





I am really ok with being an emotional girl and having feelings, but I just don’t want them to run my entire day.  Run my decisions, run my reactions, run my thoughts.  Run them to the point that I am not effective. 


What about you?  Ever get “in your feelings”?


5 responses to “In my feelings

  1. I don’t really get “in my feelings,” maybe I’m not mature enough? 😛 Anyways, sches means you had a great workout, right? So it is a sorta good thing, I guess. And, I nominated you for the Liebster Award!

  2. Bree says:

    It’s refreshing to get to read blogs that can focus on both physical health as well as spiritual. Loving it.
    I just found your blog because I was looking at Sweat Pink Ambassadors near me. I live in Central Arkansas not so far away! It’s lovely to get to read your posts though.

    • Thanks Bree! Talking about my faith is super important to me and I love sharing it with others. Have you ever heard of Arkansas Bloggers? I just recently found their page and its full of AR bloggers and they have them sectioned out by region. They actually just had a meet-up this past weekend! I was beginning to wonder if I was the only blogger here! It’s nice to meet you!! 🙂

      • Bree says:

        Oh my! No I haven’t heard of it, but thank you so much for recommending it! I’ll be looking into it.
        Nice to meet you too. =)

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