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Finding Joy

on October 27, 2013

Morning!!   How are you this Sunday morning!    It’s gloomy outside and there are dishes in the sink and the floor needs to be swept, but I’m okay with not doing it just yet.   One of the things that has been on my mind as of late is finding joy.  Sometimes and somewhere along the way I think that we forget that it’s mainly in the small things that we find joy.  Oh yeah, it’s in the big things, but I believe that in the small things we can find an amazing amount of joy. 

A field of wild flowers


Beautiful fall days

Cookies baking

Your favorite pair of jeans

A smile from a stranger

Reading your favorite passage in the Bible


Small things.


Last night I met up with a good friend of mine and we went to one of my favorite places to eat..



Love this place!



This is actually an older shot, but it’s the friend I met up with!  Hey Dona!

We chatted about girl stuff and we chatted about funny stuff.  The funny thing is that this couple was setting next to us and I kept thinking that they looked so familiar!  And wouldn’t you know it…’s a small world!  His name was Nick and he used to do the courier work for one of our branches that I worked at!  How cool is that??  It was nice to catch up and see what he and his wife have been up to.  The last time I saw him, they weren’t married and had zero children.  Now?  Married and three kiddo’s!


Small things.


I came home and basically just crashed.  There is nothing like getting into your pj’s and just chilling in front of the tv.  I also had some amazing sleep last night!  Smile


This morning I am meeting an old, dear friend of mine for church.  I have been praying about finding another church to attend and so I text her and asked her if I could meet her at her church.  I’m pretty excited about it!  Will I start going to her church?  I don’t know, but going to another church is a huge step for me.  One of the struggles that I have been dealing with is leaving my current church family. 

I can’t wait to go and worship with my friend!




I hope that you find joy in the small things today! 


3 responses to “Finding Joy

  1. The small things are what make life so fantastic 🙂

  2. So true, the small things are really what make life great!

  3. I agree 🙂 It really is the small things in life that add life to not so exciting days! Some of my favorite little things are: walks, the smell of coffee, library books, reading blogs, coffee at coffee houses, a clean house, brunch with friends 🙂

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