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A good ending

on October 29, 2013

Morning!  How are you this morning??   I’m currently nursing my first cup of coffee and can’t wait for my second Winking smile   Yesterday I was off and just had the best day.  It was yet again rainy and gloomy, but that was ok!  For some reason though, I woke up at 4:00…..agh…..  instead of trying to go back to sleep, I just got up and started my day.  I did my normal routine and even got my workout in.  I had taken a break from doing any form of working out, but was really excited to get back into some sort of routine.  It felt good to sweat! 





By 7:00 I was sleepy…lol, so what did I do??   Well I got back into bed like any normal person!  I think I might have slept until 9:00 and then I headed into town to run some errands.  Namely, get some make-up… that stuff is expensive! 

Anyway, the place didn’t open until 10:00 so I killed the 15 minutes that I had to wait by texting some friends and reading a magazine. 

My niece and sister-n-law have been sick so I sent her a message thinking that they would be home yesterday and sure enough they were.  I went on over and chilled out with them until 1:15 or so….


Today??   Well, I have an early day (off at noon) and I will be doing some things around the house.  I might watch a movie….still unsure.  Smile    Still trying to talk myself into watch The Conjuring…..Eeeeek!!




Last weekend, a friend of mine and I went to this really cool place to eat…. The Faded Rose….  It was cool outside, but we toughed it out!  Holy cow this place was nice and the food was great!! 




Have you tried this?   It’s not too sweet, which I like, but it’s really good!







Yesterday I was thinking about how sometimes we can have things in our lives that just aren’t good.  Even friendships and relationships.  I was thinking about a certain friendship that I have that I needed to end, but wasn’t sure if I had the courage to do so. 

The moment I knew it was the right thing to do, I saw this:



cool huh?


I am off to get ready for work guys, I hope you have an amazing day! 


One response to “A good ending

  1. I really like the Christians as Pumpkins post. So very true. I feel like God still has a lot of pumpkin goop to scoop out of me though! Also, I’m with ya on makeup being expensive. I guess it makes sense but I still hate buying it!!

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