Faith Fitness and Laughter

And so it begins….

on December 29, 2013




The next few days people will be setting goals and resolutions to get into better shape and eat better.  In the back of my mind, I am not any different than anyone else and am pretty excited about fitting in better quality foods. 

My advice?  Go easy on yourself and don’t expect what works for someone else will also work for you.  It may or may not.  Find what does work for you, stick with it, and enjoy it.  If you don’t enjoy something, you are more likely not to stick with it.

Find a good workout program, even if it’s just walking.  If you don’t see results in a short period of time, keep doing it.  Give your body long enough to make the change. 

Eat clean and drink water. Simple.


I also think that not only cleaning up your “diet” but also cleaning up other things in your life that may be cluttering it is important.

I have had the entire week of Christmas off and I have really enjoyed just having quiet time, hanging out with family and just being still.  It’s been nice to have positive thoughts instead of negative. 




This is something that has really convicted me this past week.  My mouth.  What I talk about and what I put into my thoughts.  To be honest, this is quite hard for me because I love to laugh and have a course since of humor sometimes.  I can always push the envelope when it comes to humor, but I have noticed that even course things have a negative effect on me.

Anyway, just something that I have been thinking about.



I did some meal planning yesterday and ended up making one of my favorite recipes. 


  • Tyson’s frozen cubed chicken
  • about 8-10 red potatoes
  • 1 bottle of Ken’s Lite Italian dressing

Mix all ingredients together and you have the yummiest dinner!  I don’t use the entire bag of chicken nor the entire bottle of dressing.  I just try and judge how much will fill up a 9X13 glass pan and then go from there.  I line the pan with aluminum foil and then cover it while it is cooking.

Yum and Yum.




Well….I am off to make up some turkey burgers for the week!


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