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A plan, A future

on January 5, 2014

Happy Sunday to you!  



This is probably one of my favorite verses and any time that I get down or wonder how in the world my life is going to turn out I read this verse and I am comforted by the fact that my life is already planned out. 


Boys, you may want to skip this part……


Let me start by saying that I will be 39 this month.  The 27th to be exact.  Oh I’m not sad about being “practically 40”, but I have thought a lot about what my body has been doing lately.  I anticipate change, but some of it I am not sure that I am prepared for.  I mean how do you get prepared??  Smile  

Some of the things that I have noticed that have changed the older I get:


  • Energy levels
  • my periods
  • strength
  • focus
  • flexibility


1) Energy levels.  I find myself not able to sustain my energy levels, even when I eat the proper foods to fuel my body.  I love routing when it comes to diet and exercise.  To bed early, up early, lots of water, exercise, proper diet.  These are things that do properly fuel the body, but lately some of them are off.  I also find that the older I get it’s a must to incorporate a daily multi-vitamin.  I am horrible when it comes to taking medicine but find that I do feel better when I consistently take my vitamins.


2) Periods.  Ugh.  This is a tough one and something I did expect to change over the years.  But what I didn’t expect was that they would be so painful.  Three days.  Tops.  They  have always been like clock work and they have always lasted about three days.  Now?  They are longer and they are pretty painful.  There is always one day during my cycle that I  hurt from head to toe.  I’m not on any form of birth control but think that that it might help to regulate my cycle.  I also understand that stress, diet and exercise to have a big impact on your cycle as well.  Too much of any of the three can actually cause you to skip your period.  What are your thoughts on this topic??  


3) Strength.  This one isn’t as affected as the others on the above list, but I have noticed that it has changed some.  I feel like I have zero upper body strength no matter what I do.


4) Focus.  Oh my lord this one is just all over the place.  The main reason that I notice it is because it does take me longer to break something down than the young girls that I work with.  They can look at something and break it down and just bam, come up with a conclusion.  Me?  I can come up with a conclusion, but it takes juuust a bit longer to get to it.  Winking smile


5) Flexibility.  Stretching seems to be a little more difficult the older I get.  This is why I love yoga so much.  The stretching helps my hips and lower back and just overall makes me feel better. 















Yesterday when I got home from work I went for a walk.  It’s something that I have really enjoyed doing lately and it helps with building strength in my legs.  One of the things that I want to work up to is running outside.  I love love love my treadmill, but really want to run outside without it making me feel like I want to cut my legs off the next day! 

I put my IPod on and took off!



I thought this was hilarious. 



I am nearly finished watching season two of Downton Abbey and hope to get in season three before the new season starts tonight.  Agh!!  


I hope you have an amazing Sunday! 


3 responses to “A plan, A future

  1. Bree says:

    I can’t really imagine NOT running outside so I’m always impressed when people actually like running on their treadmills. I just can’t imagine. Also that breakfast looks really good, and it’s not just because my stomach is growling right now! Sorry I have absolutely no insight into the topic of growing older but I’m sure I’ll truly appreciate this someday. Although I will say that whenever I encounter “problems” with my body, it first makes me really frustrated, but then it gives me opportunity to think about how finite we are and how much more infinite that makes God. And then I am appreciative.

  2. Kate Scott says:

    I love that verse too! God’s plans are always good, even if we don’t enjoy how they’re working out at the time. And I would talk to an OBGYN if you’re period has changed in intensity and pain–never hurts to check things out! 🙂

  3. Dan Saunders says:

    Baby, Girl you are the best child a set of parents could ever have or want, You are a very Godly Person, very pretty, and loved by many,NEVER FORGET THAT Besides
    I love you also you are very dear to Karon and I,

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