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Small Town Living

on January 20, 2014

Hey there!  How was your weekend?   I had to work Saturday, but I have spent most of the weekend resting.  With some of the health issues that I have going on, my energy levels are simply gone.  Hopefully this will get better once we figure out what is going on. 


Today I wanted to give you a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a small town….  Smile  






In the center of town is our Court House…



It kind of reminds me of Back to the Future.  You know, the clock tower.. Winking smile  Our court house is in the middle of town and during the Christmas season it’s all decorated with a huge Christmas tree in the middle…





Also in the center of town is this little place….The Yellow Jacket


When I was growing up, it was called the Daisy Queen but the cook as you order theme is still the same.  Smile



I am currently letting my hair grow out, but when I do need a hair cut I make an appointment with my favorite hair dresser at the place…


Hair Associates




Where I graduated….  It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 20 years since I have walked these halls.  Seems like only yesterday that I was making my way to each class and seeing my friends.  I think my favorite class was English.  It was a small setting and I really liked the teacher. 




Our Auditorium




When I have to make a quick stop to get some groceries, this is usually my stop.  The nearest Kroger’s is about 35 minutes away.  With a Fresh Market and Whole Foods about 45 minutes away. 








Local Festivals




Small café 







Cool barns









Living in a small town has both it’s advantages and disadvantages, but I normally don’t mind them.  Although I do admit that there are times I wish that I could get in and out of the store without running into someone that I know… Smile


Today is a holiday (Martin Luther King Day) so I am off…..just gonna hang out and enjoy the day. 


Have a great day! 


12 responses to “Small Town Living

  1. Wow love these pictures! Such a different way of life from growing up in pictures! Sort of jealous 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    I love this tour of your town – looks like a wonderful place!

  3. Kate Scott says:

    So cute! I also grew up in a small town and I loved it! I think we are leaning more and more toward small town living–although the small town we hope to be in is only 15 minutes from a bigger city.

  4. Maureen says:

    There’s just something so cool about small towns!

  5. chasingchels says:

    Thank you for sharing your town, love! It reminds me a lot of the place where my family lives, complete with the courthouse 🙂 enjoy your day off!

  6. I go back and fourth between wanting to live in NYC and moving out into the country into a farmhouse. A small town life seems so nice and I would love to know more people/see more people out and about.

    Also – I really love these pictures 🙂

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