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God’s Perfect Timing

on March 2, 2014

Good morning my friends!  Long time no talk!  Smile      It’s been a while since I have blogged but life is still pretty busy and finding the time to devote a couple of hours has been a bit difficult.  Some super changes have also been going on too!  Job, body, life! 

I really love the many ways that we can speak to God.  In our actions, through prayer, in silent moments when we really have nothing to say.  So many ways.  Many months back things at work started to change.  The company I work for started to go through a merger and things were kind of up in the air.  Most days there was always something new that had changed.  Of course with mergers comes an adjustment in staffing.  In the back of your mind you know that someone has to be let go but you never really think that it’s going to be you.  After a couple of months, the process was started and ultimately I was not retained. 

You don’t really know how you are going to deal with things until you are faced with them.  Oh I had my cry but in the end I just gave it over to God because it was just too big for me to deal with.  I came to terms with the fact that I just wasn’t in control of the situation.  In the end?  Because I am not at liberty to discuss the details of everything, I will tell you that everything worked out and I will be starting a new journey with the company that purchased us.  It’s closer to home.  It’s a new work environment.  I will also be able to keep the time that I have put in at my current job.   I will start this new journey on March 24th and I am really excited about it! Smile 

God’s timing is perfect. 





Every moment is a teaching moment.  You just have to take the time to look around you and see what it is.  What is He trying to show me?  Is it about me?  Who am I to talk to?  We just aren’t here to do whatever we want to and whenever we want to.  We do have purpose and we do have the ability to deal with things bigger than us. 

When we were created in His image, we were made to deal with BIG things and because Jesus overcame the Cross and the world, we can draw on that kind of strength.  It’s in us when we have Him dwelling inside of us. 




I will say that since the holidays my eating has been way off track.  I still incorporate healthy stuff but there is also junk.  Mainly because my body is dealing with some changes and hormones but oh my goodness!!  I have been inconsistent with my workouts and can’t seem to find a program that I like and want to stick with.  Pump, running, DVD’s….. agh!!  Overload!! 







Amy Dixon










I just want to eat clean!!  And I want my workouts and eating clean to be on the same page!  Because when they are not on the same page, I feel horrible and my workouts are not great. 


I’ve even thought about doing the Advocare 24 Day Challenge but don’t want to invest in it if I am not willing to put in the time. 

Any suggestions on how to re-energize this???

What do you do when you want to kick start your healthy living??


I’ve starting attending another church near where I live and really love it!  This has been something that has been weighing on me heavily.  Even after I made the decision to start looking, I felt so much guilt over not attending the same church as my friends and family that I just stopped going.


I really really like this church and am excited about some growth in my walk.



Since we last spoke, I have had a birthday!!





Saturday’s to go get Peet’s coffee with my niece





It’s been Valentine’s Day




It’s snowed!!






There’s been some organic banana/chocolate chip bread





Cuddle bugs


My cat Ghost has been wanting to cuddle every morning now…. He gets under the covers and cuddles right up next to me… So sweet!


Today is my mom’s birthday so last night I wanted to take my parents out to eat…




Happy birthday mom!!  I love you very much!  I love you for the woman that you are and for raising me to be the woman that I am. 


Love this!!





I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!  Smile


2 responses to “God’s Perfect Timing

  1. Laura says:

    What a beautiful post – and that includes you! Glad for the update and happy belated birthday!

  2. Love the update! Hope the job transition goes well 🙂

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