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And There You Have It.

Well hey there!  How are you this morning?  I hope that you are having an amazing day so far!




Before I get started, I want to say that my thoughts and prayers go out to the ones that have been affected by the storms and tornado in and around Arkansas.  Thankfully, most of the storms missed the area that I live in but my heart is just so saddened by the aftermath that this storm has left. 

What I keep hearing though is that how people are coming together to help.  Completely strangers stopping to help someone asking nothing in return.  We just can’t imagine how we would handle something like this when faced with it but I am proud to call Arkansas my home. 


It’s been a whirlwind few weeks at my new job but all I can say is that I love it!!  I mean I really do!  I’ll be honest…..starting over with a company at my age (at any age) is pretty scary but I am excited to be where I am at, to be working with the people that I am working with and to be doing the job that I am doing. 

I am slowly finding little things and places where I work at and this is one of them..



There is an old YMCA that is in the same building that I work in and it’s just big enough to get a walk in. 

This is the view from one of the windows..




Ok…. I’m going to dump some photo’s on ya…  Smile



Still getting my workouts in and I am happy to say that I have joined a gym!!!!



One of the many many reasons I love where I am working is that we get a discount with a wellness center nearby.  Um….. they have the Les Mills series!!!!  I almost pee’d myself!!  I was so excited!!  I am currently waiting to go to the 12:00 Pump class. 

They also have:


Body Flow

Body Vive

and Body Step



I did the Body Flow last week and just felt amazing when I left!!



I’ve also been hanging out with these two amazing kids.  My mom and I took them to get some yogurt Easter weekend Smile







We also made homemade pizza! 



Speaking of food….  This past Saturday I got a text from a good friend of mine to see if I wanted to go do something.  We just had the best time!  We planned lunch but the rest of the day was spur of the moment.





We stopped at a local Chinese place and it was delicious! 


Then we headed over to Fresh Market…



After making our rounds at Fresh Market, we thought a stop at Chuy’s was in order…



We made our way to a Kroger Market Place and ended up looking around but our final stop was at this pretty amazing place…




All in all it was a pretty amazing day!  Especially when you get to do things like this with a good friend!


Speaking of Starbucks.  Isn’t this cool!!??



Ok.  This might totally be over sharing but this is my house and I am going to share!  Lol…   I have gone through my entire life never really being allergic to anything.  Nothing.  Well that has changed in my adult years.  I have found out that I am allergic to Tide with Febreeze.  OH.MY.WORD.

This is just a shot of my legs but my entire body looked like this and I wanted to peal my skin off!!!!!   The final time that I broke out with this my lips swell and it was just horrible!!


It was awful!!! 


Did I show you the cake that I made??



Reeses Cup Cake!  My second attempt at making a cake/icing from scratch and I was pretty proud!


Still enjoying my meal planning! 




I’m also pretty excited about starting something new!  I will tell you about it in it’s own post… Winking smile   Stay tuned!!


Well, that’s about it.  My life has been really busy! 


I hope you have an amazing day! 


Keep Making Me.

As I start this week, I want to reflect on what makes us who we are.  The unique person that we are meant to be.  Think about it.  When you were thought of and created, no one else would be like you.  You, this amazing person who has a unique personality all your own. 

No one laughs like you.

No one else has emotions the way you do.

There is purpose and there is love behind you. 

We are made to crave things.

We are made to be around other people.

People that bring out the good in us.

We are made to worship.

We are made go through things.

We are made to overcome.

We are stronger than we realize.


I think sometimes we forget that when we pray for change in our lives or movement, God will answer that.  In His time and in His own way.  Sometimes I think we have to be broken to bring upon that change.  To be completely changed, we have to allow this process to happen and sometimes that can be pretty difficult.  We have to give up every power that we think that we have and step aside for this change to happen.

I love that song by Sidewalk Prophets: Keep Making Me  This song really speaks volumes t me and every time that I listen to it, it reminds me of how much we are loved and how much He loves us enough not to leave us the same.  Because me sweet friends, when God enters your life, you are forever changed. 

Here are the lyrics:


Make me broken

So I can be healed.

‘Cause I’m so calloused

and now I can’t feel.

I want to run to You

with heart wide open.

Make me broken.


Make me empty

so I can be filled.

‘Cause I’m still holding

onto my will.

And I am completed

when You are with me.

Make me empty.


Till You are my one desire

Till You are my one true Love

Till You are my breath, my everything

Lord, please keep making me.


Make me lonely

so I can be Yours.

Till I want no one

more than you Lord

‘Cause in the darkness

I know you will hold me.

Make me lonely.


Notice the theme?   I don’t believe that it is God’s desire for us to be broken, empty or lonely but sometimes to have a deeper relationship with Him, he uses our circumstances to do that.





We have to find joy in things that we like to do.  I have discovered that I love to meal prep!



I love to bake breads!



I’m a cardio junkie!



I have a great family!




I will close with this….  You are loved.  No matter your circumstances, you are loved.





Have a great day!!


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