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Keep Making Me.

on April 7, 2014

As I start this week, I want to reflect on what makes us who we are.  The unique person that we are meant to be.  Think about it.  When you were thought of and created, no one else would be like you.  You, this amazing person who has a unique personality all your own. 

No one laughs like you.

No one else has emotions the way you do.

There is purpose and there is love behind you. 

We are made to crave things.

We are made to be around other people.

People that bring out the good in us.

We are made to worship.

We are made go through things.

We are made to overcome.

We are stronger than we realize.


I think sometimes we forget that when we pray for change in our lives or movement, God will answer that.  In His time and in His own way.  Sometimes I think we have to be broken to bring upon that change.  To be completely changed, we have to allow this process to happen and sometimes that can be pretty difficult.  We have to give up every power that we think that we have and step aside for this change to happen.

I love that song by Sidewalk Prophets: Keep Making Me  This song really speaks volumes t me and every time that I listen to it, it reminds me of how much we are loved and how much He loves us enough not to leave us the same.  Because me sweet friends, when God enters your life, you are forever changed. 

Here are the lyrics:


Make me broken

So I can be healed.

‘Cause I’m so calloused

and now I can’t feel.

I want to run to You

with heart wide open.

Make me broken.


Make me empty

so I can be filled.

‘Cause I’m still holding

onto my will.

And I am completed

when You are with me.

Make me empty.


Till You are my one desire

Till You are my one true Love

Till You are my breath, my everything

Lord, please keep making me.


Make me lonely

so I can be Yours.

Till I want no one

more than you Lord

‘Cause in the darkness

I know you will hold me.

Make me lonely.


Notice the theme?   I don’t believe that it is God’s desire for us to be broken, empty or lonely but sometimes to have a deeper relationship with Him, he uses our circumstances to do that.





We have to find joy in things that we like to do.  I have discovered that I love to meal prep!



I love to bake breads!



I’m a cardio junkie!



I have a great family!




I will close with this….  You are loved.  No matter your circumstances, you are loved.





Have a great day!!


6 responses to “Keep Making Me.

  1. Laura says:

    Beautiful post – and great way to start a Monday!

  2. chasingchels says:

    Love this on a Monday morning, hun! Beautiful reminder to hold throughout the week 🙂

  3. cottercrunch says:

    i could not agree more friend. God uses us, in our circumstances. There is JOY there but we have to seek it and seek HIM. Knowing we are loved.

  4. LOVE the look of your meal planning. Way to go, pretty girl!

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