Faith Fitness and Laughter

Just A Reminder

on May 25, 2014

Morning sunshine’s!  I hope you are having a great Sunday so far!  I have been up since 4:30 so I am sure a nap is in my schedule sometime today Winking smile








I just wanted to remind you of how beautiful, important, wanted, amazing and good enough you are.  We get so caught up with life and lets face it, it’s hard but somewhere along the way we forget that we are important in the grand scheme of things and we have purpose

It’s something that I struggle with in my own life but when I look around and begin to be thankful for the small things, the big things, the hard times, the good times.  For it’s in all moments that we are made.  Made stronger.  Made humble.  Made weaker.  Made beautiful.




To truly have hope and joy is to find them not only in the midst of good times but in the hard times. 










Fun day at the park!!  Although it was hot and my niece ended up getting a bit sick we really had a great time!




So many times we experience things that we can’t help but be changed by them.  There is no handbook on how to move forward and it’s always different for everyone.  I had a conversation with a good friend of mine about this toward the end of the week and it just made me think of how we can change and how we adapt to our circumstances. The important thing to remember is that we are not defined by our circumstances nor should we let that dictate how we live our life and the decisions that we make. 

But change does occur.

The one thing that stays the same?

My Savior

My King

My God

My Jesus

He doesn’t give us everything that we want but what we need and what we need to become who He wants us to be.  What we need to do the things that He wants us to do. 

Here’s the thing….

We will ALWAYS need Him.




I am meeting my brother today and going to check out the new X-Men movie….  I’ll let ya know if I like it Smile 






I hope you have a great day!!


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