Faith Fitness and Laughter

Bring it, Monday

on November 17, 2014

Happy Monday to you!  I hope your day started off with something amazing and fantastic! 

I had a wonderful weekend with my mom and the kiddos.





The order of stops:

  • JCP
  • Target
  • Kirkland’s
  • Wal-mart
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Home!

Our order at Chick-fil-A was nearly $30!!!  My mom looked at me and said, “they have $30 chicken???”  We order for two adults and two children and when the little lady handed me the bag, it was super heavy.  Of course they were very very busy so we just drove toward home.  My mom got to looking in the bag and realized that they charged us for six six-piece chicken nuggets instead of two.  No wonder!!  We did receive them so we just took them home and had the for a snack later.




Later that night the kids and I watched Meleficent.  Have you seen that movie yet??

So good!!  I was a little concerned as to whether or not they would like it but they really did!



Last night my lil man was super clingy.  He loves his human.  🙂  Lately, he’s been getting under the cover and actually going to sleep curled up next to me.  He’s been through a lot with me!



Kate, from Kate Moving Forward shared this on Facebook and it just happens to be one of my favorite passages.  What reassurance!  I mean I have to usually just take it day by day but when it comes right down to it, He has it all worked out.  And He loves us so very much. 



This morning I got up at 4:30 and couldn’t wait to get my workout in!  Hey…..I’ll take it as it comes.  Most mornings I have to drag myself out of bed to get going.  I did my Piyo, which I love, and it felt great!

I love the way that it makes me feel after the workout is complete.  If you haven’t heard of it, you really must check it out!


Welp, got to run!  I hope you had a great day!!


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