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A little bit of Piyo

on December 6, 2014

(Post from Friday)


Oh my word Happy Friday!!!!   I can not be more happy to see this day!


We are celebrating this lil mans birthday tonight!  I can’t wait for him to see what I got him!  And of course the cake.  I love cake.  🙂

I just love this kid.


This morning when I got up I felt really good!  This getting older stuff I want to do gracefully so I’ll take it when I can get it. 

  • IMG_3185 


For my workout this morning, I did Piyo Buns and holy buns!!  There were a couple of times that I thought, “you know, my legs are going to collapse underneath me!”  lol!

But I really love the Piyo workouts and so I’m gonna stick with it.


I cannot promote this program enough.  Piyo helps you strengthen your muscles and flexibility all the while you are just using your body weight.  I have to admit that when I finish a workout, I feel bad-A.  😉




Another reason that I am so excited that the weekend is here?  Finally getting the decorations out tomorrow and putting up the tree!!


I might even bake these!

Or this…


From Crazy for Crust


Healthy living:

If you have been living the healthy lifestyle for a long time or just now making some healthy decisions, you know that having others around you that make similar decisions is a wonderful feeling.  A really good friend of mine that I work with is making some healthy eating decisions and it helps me so much while I am at work to make better decisions.  She loves Rachel Ray and she loves to cook and she has made some pretty amazing things lately!  It makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook!  Not just bake.  😉

One of the things that I want to try cooking is a whole chicken.  Something that I have never even attempted to cook.  I want to make some cauliflower mash, Brussels sprout salad with cranberries,  roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary.  Doesn’t that sound good?!

Something else that I have never attempted to make….lasagna, the healthy version. 



It’s been cloudy and rainy for about a week now……. I need sunshine!! 🙂


I hope your Friday was wonderful!


2 responses to “A little bit of Piyo

  1. I wish I could rent PIYO DVDs from the library. I want to try them without investing in the series. I’ve heard good things but I’m bad about doing at-home workouts. I have a hard time motivating myself!

    • Brandi says:

      I love it. I wish there was a local class because I would love to do it live! I hope you get to try it soon! I believe once you try it, you will want to keep doing it 🙂

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