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Birthday boy and a Party

on December 10, 2014

You know, God working in our lives is serious business.  He is always working and He is always looking out for our best interest whether we like it or not.  There will be times where we don’t recognize the good but in the end it is always good and it will always bring us closer to Him. 

We just have to have faith.


Since we spoke last, we celebrated my nephews birthday and here’s proof….



Everybody needs a light saber








My neph-cat was not pleased at all that I forced him to take a selfie with me.




So let me tell you about the gift story.

Let me preface the story by saying that I grew up on Atari and Nintendo, the first Nintendo that is and I mainly played Mario Brothers.  So all of these X-box, Wii, Wii U’s, Play Stations, and DS’s are too much for me.  You have to get certain games to play on certain machines.  No exceptions. 

When “black Friday” rolled around and my best friend and I found ourselves at a local department store shopping. 

When I saw the game that my nephew has been wanting, Skylander, for only $35.  I picked that sucker up and couldn’t wait to give it to him for his birthday.

The night came that we were going to celebrate his big day and I was pretty excited to see his face when he opened his gift.  (by the way, I didn’t wrap it….fail!)

He opened it and he was so excited that he asked his papa (my dad) to hold it because he was going to pass out!  Lol!

One of the other little boys was asking, “you have a Wii U? You have a Wii U? You have a Wii U?” 


It has to be played on a Wii U? 

My mind starts rolling of course thinking that the game is NOT GOING TO WORK.

And it won’t.

We tell my nephew that he is going to have to wait until I can exchange the game and get the correct one that is compatible. 

His life as he knew it was over. 


I take it to the store to just exchange it thinking that I will only have to pay maybe $20 to $25 more.  Oh no!  Try a total of $80!  I luckily received the $35 to apply to it but good lord that’s high!  I guess since I was never really into playing video games, I don’t remember how much they cost when I was younger.  I am sure they were still high though.

My mom decided to go in half with me so I can at least get him something for a Christmas gift.  🙂



I think he’s happy.



My life in a cubicle!



We have our Christmas tree up!!  We were pretty excited about the new decorations that we were going to put out this year.  🙂





I love Christmas.


This past Sunday a good friend that I work with and I went to a nearby church’s Sunday School class.  Going in we weren’t sure what to expect but as soon as we walked into the church, we knew we would love it.  We were really welcomed and the class was great!

We are doing the study of Esther.

After church we went to have some lunch and I was so hungry that I think I may have inhaled my food!  It was Mongolian.  So good. 

We also got our toes done for Christmas!



To be honest, I wouldn’t mind if my toes didn’t even get painted.  I just love the clean up and the massage.  So nice!!  Thank you Ms. Tina!



See my new Tablet 4 in the background?  I love it!!  It’s so much more convenient to get out and look at my favorite blogs!


Well I think that’s about it for now!  I hope you have had a great Wednesday!  I left work early to head to a dentist appointment.  Fun!!


2 responses to “Birthday boy and a Party

  1. Love the Christmas tree toes! ‘m with you though- my favorite part is the foot massage 😉

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